The Evolving Relationship between PR and Marketing

The Evolving Relationship between PR and Marketing

It is no revelation that there has been an evolution in the business sector. The introduction of PR and marketing strategies has changed the functioning of the entire industry. They have a very distinctive role to play which always needs to be kept in mind. Nonetheless, their contribution proved to be in the direction of advancement, because of which their inclusion has become vital in the functioning of a brand.

While the marketing sector’s key role is to popularize and sell the product, PR maintains a strategic relationship with its audience and within the organization. The common ground shared by the two is that they deal with public affairs. Hence, they work hand-in-hand. Initially, there was a great deal of conflict in the methods of working of both the sectors but through adaptability; it can be inferred: them working conjointly can provide a maximized profit to the brand.

The evolving relationship between PR and Marketing

Change is the only constant in business. Methods of functioning, interactions, strategies, rules, relationships within the organization, audience, etc., keep on shifting with the introduction and saturation of various factors. But, there has been a remarkable transformation in the relationship between PR and marketing, impacting the working norms based on what’s best profitable to the business. Let’s explore this evolution.

1) Initial Period

Dealing with the same audience, marketing, and PR being the external drives contributing to the advancement of the business, faced many conflicts. When the concept of the need for an external force leading to the company’s betterment was introduced, even though the functioning of PR and marketing was similar, they didn’t work well together. People in PR and marketing often looked at each other as competition. Due to which they always tried to leave their mark to assert their requirement in the organization. Having commonalities in their methodologies, there was some unspoken stretch between them. Due to this, many organizations decided to function with either PR or marketing, leading to a waste of good potential as getting on a common ground could boost growth.

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2) Modern Age

The marketing and PR strategies had undergone a revolution. With the introduction of technology, social media, and tactics related to the current generation’s mindset, the work norm concerning PR and Marketing showed a lot of modifications. There was an ease in the tension between the two sectors, and they started contributing on a mutual ground which turned out to be positive for the growth of the business. Since the targeting audience was the same, the inputs from both the end of the sector were in unison. Which, in turn, generated better leads and sales for the brand.

3) Post-Pandemic

The outlook of the functioning of the business changed stupendously after the pandemic. Companies incurred losses, and the functioning of brands went online. There was a lot of uncertainty in every face of business. This impacted the PR and Marketing field too. Their role became much paralleled. To keep the return on investment (ROI) growing, the services provided by the PR and Marketing sectors is now imperative. This leads to dynamism between the professional marketers and PR specialists as not only do they exchange and learn the hands-on skills of one other, but they also generate voluminous brand visibility.

PR and Marketing work well together

Almost every sector of a brand or business has only one end-goal in their mind; increment in sales and advancement of the brand. Since the objectives and methodology of the PR and Marketing sectors are similar, it is optimum if they work together for the company’s growth’s shared interest. Here is what happens when the two decide to collaborate:

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1) Generation of more relevant content

When the PR and marketing teams join hands together, they generate more valuable content. When the marketing team applies the PR strategies while selling the product or service, they create a solid relationship with the client, ensuring their return to purchase. Now, who wouldn’t want to have a permanent client?

2) Organic growth

Marketers know to sell their product or service without running any advertisement. Their strategies, such as running campaigns and SEO, naturally set up an awareness of the brand. PR can apply the same strategy to “market” their brand while building consumer relationships.

3) Common Audience

When it comes to external public relations, marketers and PR specialists of an agency or brand have the same consumers and audience to deal with. When there is a pool in their strategies, resources, and skills, they increase sales and create a stronger team within the organization.


Having undergone so many changes and ways of functioning, it can be concluded that a collaborative relationship between the PR and Marketing team will always bring a maximized profit. It will also lead to a flow in the visibility of the brand. The two sectors complement each other at different touchpoints, making them mutual dependent in multiple scenarios. With a shared goal, their blend can enhance and add more value to the brand in the long run.

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