The Future of Training Management System            

Organizations have realized the importance of proper training and onboarding of the new hire and the impact that it has on the productivity of the employee in the future. COVID-19 made companies figure out a way to successfully deliver the same effect while working remotely. A training management system that could provide the remote learning experience and show quick adaptation and necessary flexibility was preferred. Once again, we are settling in with the changes after the lockdown. The training management software we had a couple of years ago was different from what we have today. Learning and development software are continuously evolving.

Now, we see an increasing emphasis on the skillset that the employee has over the formal certifications that they might have. The number of skills required to do the job well is increasing day by day. It has always been a tough task to find the right candidate with the talent and capabilities that a company is looking for. COVID-19 has caused us to put even more effort into getting the top talent in the organization. The pandemic has also shown the importance of the training management system. Businesses understand that the initial skillset is not enough and, to stay ahead in the competition, the workforce needs to get training periodically to stay updated.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is continuously evolving and improving our technical tools to deliver a better experience. An AI-supported training management system like  Pocket HRMS is more effective for learning. The AI helps provide a personalized learning experience on a digital platform. A more relevant and effective experience can be created with AI. It can provide customized suggestions based on past learning and the skillset that an individual possesses, as well as other information present in the system, leading to an improved experience and a more effective learning journey. The AI-powered learning management software provides features such as completion of the entire certificate remotely and specific evaluation, making it more fruitful.

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Mobile Friendly

In the period when most of the employees were working remotely, they also needed to go through their training online. For any kind of Police Training Software, it is important that it is well supported on smartphones. People prefer to use a system that gives a similar experience on tablets and mobile phones as it does on desktop computers. Training and learning systems are being designed with the aim of delivering an excellent experience on smartphones. The length of videos in the course is also kept relatively short considering the smaller screens of these tablets and phones.

Better Analytics

Analytics helps you go a step ahead by giving insights to the user on their progress. The system should track the progress, performance, satisfaction, as well as activity level of the learner. It also generates data on the amount of time spent on learning. Learning software aims to measure the overall learning experience. Better data and analysis lead to an improvement in performance. The analysis also helps to make profitable decisions. To get more valuable feedback, integrated surveys can be a real help and provide meaningful data.

Make it Fun

Gamification and making a learning journey playful is not a new trend, but it is one that is going to witness more adaptation. Companies want to increase the engagement of their employees through playful activities. Adding a fun aspect to the learning helps to keep boredom away and keeps motivation up. The slight sense of competition to reach the next level of learning makes employees complete the certification for the skill more quickly. The implementation tasks for different types of rewards help in better practice and retention of the new skill.

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Like any other system or function, we can look forward to automation playing an important role in learning and development in organizations too. The administration of training program is more likely to be handled by automation than by managers and human resource management. There can be automated reminders from the training management system to ensure the consistency of the trainees. The training software could give automated progress reports at preset intervals. The ability to instantly provide badges and certificates for the completion of various milestones in the course can be a great motivator for learners.


The training management system is gaining importance, and we see an inclination towards making the learning experience more engaging and comfortable for the employees. Software is likely to be designed to deliver better efficiency on devices like tablets and mobile phones. Through tracking learner behaviour and data analysis, artificial intelligence can enhance the personalized experience. Gamification is being emphasized to get better engagement. The inclusion of better technology is aimed at providing an overall enhanced and customized training experience.

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