The Modern Features Provided by the HRIS

The Modern Features Provided by the HRIS

When talking about business progress, HR is the principal department that needs to support ongoing processes. The checklist of procedures an HR has to govern is talent acquisition, resolve queries, benefits administration, talent retention, and many more to add. To get them through these functions, there are numerous solutions of which the most dynamic one is the HRIS.

Abbreviated as Human Resource Information System, the solution clubs many HR processes daily, together as one combined product. Having included almost all the functions of HR, the solution provides better usability and enhanced user experience.

Moreover, if we look at the expansion of the HRIS solution, most companies must have invested in the system while others are looking to adopt the same. To look from the aspect of technology coverage, it has now reached over the mobile apps, Saas, and online platforms.

Almost every company wants its processes to speed up to go for more logical and enhanced decision making. And 72% of the companies experience excellent functionality as the prime benefits when investing in the HR solution. (source)

What is the HRIS software?

As most of the HR functions are today implemented through automated platforms, HRIS also called Core HR is the cloud-based solution making it possible. It is the complete package of solutions that enhances HR processes like hiring, centralized information storage, performance measurement, salary process, etc. with advanced technological tools.

Previously there were on-premise solutions that used the company’s infrastructure to carry out HR processes. But the solution has shifted towards factoHR‘s cloud-based HR management software to boost the productivity of the employer and the employees.


Currently, HRIS offers many features to be automated which we have incorporated here.

What are the Modern features provided by HRIS?

As the name suggests, the fundamental function of HRIS is to store the information of the employees in a centralized and secure manner. Data security being the prime factor, it also provides other features to be done effectively. Enlisted are the features of the HRIS system, which is now being adopted globally.


1.  Centralized storage

As we discussed, the employees’ data, including their documents, identity cards, and other information, is more sensitive for the company to store while with HRIS HR can forget the pressure of keeping files and offline documents. With a motive of security, approximately 49% of the companies have believed in adopting human capital management systems, and 32% of whom invested in cloud storage. (source)

Whether small or large business, the need for data maintenance always exists, and HRIS has evolved as a technique to stay compliant to the terms. While data protection is enabled, the system also helps in monitoring the records of change in data. It displays the changes along with who changed them for more enhanced security.

2.  Talent acquisition to attract the best

As an HR, the fundamental job of their work-life is to attract and connect with a talented workforce that understands the need for growth and is glad to be a part of your company. Talent acquisition includes the process of job posting through various mediums (job sites, LinkedIn, referrals, and external agencies), diving into the resume pool, calling candidates, and setting up the screening.

The software eases the above processes in seconds while it also provides insights on the pattern and recruiting trends for attracting the right group of candidates.

3.  Paperless onboarding

Every employee wishes to take with him a positive first-day experience and motivation to work with a target-based company. To make this possible, many companies have shifted to use the software that enables the accurate enrollment process which facilitates the HR to intervene less in gathering the documents, reduces the margin of error and provides a memorable experience.

What else an HR wants rather than running around the new joiners to complete their onboarding process by uploading their documents. Instead, the system itself notifies the employees and employers regarding any updates that too without any need for papers.

4.  Performance measurement like you want

To analyze whether the employees are delivering the working according to what they are expected is extremely hard to cover when you go for offline methods. On the contrary, performance tracking applications make the tasks easy for you to measure the performance based on predefined KRAs (Key Result Areas) to achieve specific KPIs (Key Performance Indices).

According to studies, the companies involving stellar talent management programs are 26 % more likely to be using performance management solutions. (source)

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The system will help employees in aligning with organizational and team-oriented goals. Moreover, you can link the performances with bias-free rewards to encourage your employees.

5.  Time and Leave management to make employees punctual

If you want your employees to give their 100% performance, you would also consider their attendance to be accurate without any false notices. Considering this, many companies have invested in the attendance monitoring software that seamlessly integrates with their performance and salary to make them more punctual about their work. The system also allows employees to make attendance corrections for valid reasons.

6.  Employee Self-service to empower your workforce

We talked that onboarding systems guarantee minimum intervention from the HR department and gather all the documents and updates from the employee. How will they do it? It is where ESS comes.

Employees are empowered to review, change and update any of their personal information, salary payslip, performance review, attendance correction, application submission and approval notifications through their personal credentials without knocking HR’s doors. While the managers also through their portals can update the applications and their details.

7. Benefits Administration accurately

Another important work that comes under the HR department is to transfer salary to the employer every month.

Can you imagine the calculation they go through while completing salary procedure every month?

Instead of relying on the traditional methods to calculate the salary, HR can now process the same from the software, which requires to the input of various components and the earnings are automatically calculated without any errors.

8.  Analytics right away

With this much to care about, HR also wants to know if things are going accurately. Modern software helps HR to view insights on various data to observe the analysis of what’s working and what needs to be changed. Such data comprises salary distributions over months, leave approvals, attendance details, and many more.

In the next few years, 60% of the departments are believed to invest in analytics, 53% in process automation, and 47% in AI. (Source)

Summing it up

Keeping the above points in mind, you must have identified the effect that HRIS is generating in the companies. HR has always found it challenging to support the functions fully, and from the automated environment of HRIS, they have overcome the unimaginable situations within a fraction of time. The HR doesn’t have to worry about their general functions, because the automated software will handle all these by just providing necessary inputs.

Today many companies are moving towards adopting cloud-based solutions to get their work done. It also provides them with accurate delivery of data and more time to rethink the decisions that can turn up the profitability of the company.



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