The Most Effective Link Building Methods For 2021

The Most Effective Link Building Methods For 2021

Before you can understand how to use link-building methods, you must first be aware of what link-building means. At its core, link-building is a process that allows you to acquire hyperlinks from other sites on the web to bring people to your website. This hyperlink exists to allow users to navigate between the two pages.

With the ongoing global pandemic, more and more businesses are shifting their focus to their web presence, to allow them to reach more customers. Most have already engaged an SEO Singapore agency to help them out. Due to this influx of businesses on the web, the process of building links is being forced to change, and the importance of this mustn’t be overlooked. Whether your business is new to the internet or has a long-standing internet presence, these tips are guaranteed to help increase the volume of visitors to your site.

By the time you are finished reading this post, you will have an in-depth understanding of how you can effectively apply these link-building techniques to your website. Regardless of the size of your business, you will find that all of these techniques are easily scaled and can be used by anyone. Continue reading to learn how to use these link-building methods to bring you a load of organic traffic to your website.

Top link building methods

One huge similarity between webmasters and SEO professionals is that neither ever want to miss an opportunity to effectively use link-building techniques. Their main goal is to ensure that they are consistently telling search engines that their site is a high-quality resource and deserves a citation.

Unfortunately, the methods behind link building change at such a continuous and rapid pace that the methods that worked so well last year may prove to be less than stellar now. This means that building high quality links is even more important as there are millions of blogs in competition for the top ranks.

So, what are the most effective link-building methods? Let’s have a look.

Method One: Content Creation and Outreach

The most preferred and effective technique for link building is content creation and outreach. This means exactly what it sounds like. You are going to create quality content and reach out to people who will want to collaborate with you.

Despite how easy it sounds; it can be rather intimidating to reach out to well-known bloggers in hopes they will want to link back to you. This is why it is important to ensure that your content is high quality and also that it is relevant to the audience of the blogger you are hoping to connect with.

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To utilize this strategy, you must identify your niche. Once you have both identified your niche and created high-quality content, you are ready to collaborate with relevant bloggers and measure the results of that collaboration. The good news is that you don’t have to do all of this on your own. There are numerous services available that will allow you to search through titles of blog posts, measure the performance of the content, and find the bloggers and content that are at the top in your specific niche.

One tool that is great for doing all of those things is BuzzSumo. The Top Influencer option on BuzzSumo will allow you to identify top bloggers in the niche that suits you. Simply type in the keyword that describes your niche and hit the search button.

Once you have identified the bloggers who are relevant to you, you can decide which seem most open to being approached and begin reaching out. Ensure that you have a to-do list and expectations before you reach out to anyone. While there is always room for negotiation, it is important to remember what you are hoping to accomplish with the process.

Method Two: Guest Posts

The second more popular link-building method is using guest posts. This means that you are going to reach out to a blogger and offer to write unique content for their blog, with a link back to your site.

The hardest part of this process is assuring someone that you are going to bring something of value to them. This is especially true for blogs that have worked hard to build up a following. You must approach your blog of interest properly and make the offer appealing.

The last thing you should do is approach a blog with a simple statement such as “Hi there! I have great content and would love to write for you. Are you interested in including my work on your site?” It doesn’t motivate them to even look into what you are offering.

Instead, try an approach similar to this: “Hi there! I have browsed through the content on your website, and I have noticed that your target audience is this. I write the same type of content for the same people. Please have a look at the blog samples I have on my site. I have some topic ideas that I would love to write for you including these. If you are interested, please reach out. Thanks!”

When you reach out to high authority sites with a specific message, you are showing that you are serious in your endeavor.

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Method Three: Using Broken Links

The third most effective method to link building is through utilizing broken links. What this means is that you find the broken links that exist on pages, research the content that it has been providing and create relevant content on your site. Once you have established the content, you reach out to the site with the broken link and request that they switch out the dead link with your live link.

One of the downfalls to this method is that it is a time-consuming choice that, on the surface, seems tedious. You first have to find the dead links, create the new content, and then reach out to the site and hope they use your link in the dead links place. However, if you get the process right, this is a scalable building technique. You just have to ensure that you are following the right process to maximize your results.

This is the process that I use, that I have found to be most effective.

  • First, use a service such as to identify dead links on sites that are in the same niche as you.
  • Second, use a tool like the Wayback machine to identify the dead content. If you can’t find results using this tool, you can check the URL for clues on what the content was. Keep in mind, the broken link might not always be relevant to your site. It is important to do the hard work to find the broken links that are relevant to ensure that you are attracting the right visitors.
  • Third, create content for your site that is similar to what was on the broken link.
  • Finally, draft an email reaching out to the site you want your blog to be linked to, ensuring that you cite the current resource the site is using.

This isn’t always going to be effective. But if you can get five to ten percent conversions with this strategy, you are utilizing it well.

Other powerful link building methods

The link-building methods we have looked at here are some of the most effective and most preferred for building quality links, they are far from the only options. There are plenty of the other methods that are worth looking into.

These are the top link-building methods that are currently being used by top SEO professionals and webmasters. The next thing for you to do is assess which methods are going to meet your link-building requirements most effectively. If you are still unsure which methods are most likely to help you, there are blogger outreach services that can help to steer you in the right direction towards optimal growth.

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