A second chance for moving ahead in Delhi

These times are an incredible reflection of globalization. Globalization demands the best from everyone. In this competitive world, people tend to have an obsession with having perfection within their work. To achieve perfection one should have punctuality first. Punctuality is the starting point of achieving success.

To perfect punctuality, one should have a proper way of transportation in their life. There are two types of transportation available in this world. One is public transportation and the second one is private transportation. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore, Surat, etc. people are always staying on the move. No one has time on their hand. So transportation is a key to their mood.

Private transportation such as bikes is extremely effective in these cities and most importantly in Delhi. Delhi is a very crowded city with higher expectations of people. So in Delhi, it becomes very difficult to a personal car or bike. Everyone can’t afford a new bike in Delhi. So, people who cannot afford to purchase a brand-new bike in Delhi. Used bikes are proven second chance in people’s lives. It’s not easy to buy second hand bikes in Delhi. One should know how to purchase a used bike.

Let’s take tips on what criteria should be considered to own second-hand bike.

  • One should have to check while purchasing a used bike that it doesn’t have any kind of oil leakages. It is a very serious and critical problem faced by many potential buyers when they are buying their preferable used bike.
  • The main thing to check out while purchasing a used bike is that no metal component of the bike got rust. A little amount of rust is treatable but if rust has covered a larger area then the buyer has to replace that rusty part. One has to specifically inspect the chassis area.
  • Scratch marks are extremely common for the buyer and current owner of the used bike. It’s normal to get scratch marks because a motorbike has spent a considerable amount of period in someones’ possession. Obviously, in a fast-moving city like Delhi, it’s inevitable to get scratch marks because the population of Delhi is immense.
  • It’s very easy to deceive buyers in owning used bike cases. The owner can easily hide the information of an accident of his/her from a potential customer. The customer is not a victim of owning a damaged or broken bike. This is the reason why a buyer has to inspect the chassis and it should not have any print marks of broken or welding. If a customer found these marks then a buyer should have to find another bike.
  • Another valuable tip for any customer who wants to own a used bike is that he should inspect the engine. The buyer should have to look at the engine of the motorbike and make sure that it shouldn’t have any kind of fumes or smoke. The sound of the engine also told the current situation of the bike, so a buyer has to listen to the sound of the engine.
  • The buyer should specifically have to check engine oil and if it seems too dark or brown and rusty then the buyer has to change the engine oil at a time. Otherwise, it causes serious problems for the bike.
  • There are many parts buyers have to check before purchasing a second-hand bike. Such as spark plug, silencer, battery, brakes, clutch, filters, and gears. The spark plug should have to be clear without having any kind of dust or rust in it. Silence should work properly and should not make any loud voices. The battery should be replaced in a timely manner for optimum usage. Breaks and clutch have to work smoothly and effectively. Gears have to be in perfectly workable condition and serviced condition for great optimization of a motorbike.
  • An essential and effective tip for a buyer is to take a good look at the bike and test mileage with kilometres of the previously owned bike. Many owners defraud their buyers by resetting the kilometers and hiding the stats of the actual mileage of the motorbike.
  • Without a doubt, the most essential tip for any customer who dreams to own a used bike is to have a proper test drive of a motorbike and if in any scenario a customer feels that it is in good running condition then only he/she have to make a decision of having or own the used bike.
  • With technical inspection buyers also have to inspect administrative work of two-wheelers. A registration certificate is always an extremely important document for any bike. So the buyer should check that the engine number is the same as printed on the RC book. RC book contains information about a bike such as color, number plate owner name, engine number, and chassis number, etc.
  • Any two-wheeler is requested of having a valid and legal tax certificate by the act of transportation laws of India.
  • It is necessary to have proper bike insurance. Bike insurance is very important for the buyer because this insurance gives protection against any damages to bikes or humans.
  • A PUC certificate is mandatory for any bike because it is the only document that provides a piece of information that this bike is not causing pollution too much. It is required by Indian transportation law and if one person won’t have a PUC, it will be considered as an act of breaking the law in India.
  • There should be no criminal activity connected with a used two-wheeler. To prevent this, a NOC of the two-wheeler is needed also buyer should always look at the user manual of the used two-wheeler.

Another important tip for old bike purchase in Delhi is to negotiate the price of the previously owned motorbike has to be in an appropriate and right manner.

So, above are some extremely effective and efficient tips for purchasing a used two-wheeler. These tips will eventually lead to taking a correct and meaningful decision regarding owning a perfect used two-wheeler. It is a dream for many to own used two-wheelers and with the above tips, one will get help in reaching a correct decision.


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