CallHippo VS Aircall- Which One Is Better and Why?

CallHippo VS Aircall- Which One Is Better and Why?

Nowadays, not a lot of people use telephones to connect. In the same context, the age of traditional smartphones looks like it is coming to an end. This is one of the biggest reasons businesses must consider switching to better technological options to keep up with the fast-paced business flow.

VoIP and cloud telephony are some of the essential communication services that are rapidly rising to popularity in the world of business. In fact, reports also state that the cloud telephony service market is all set to hit a CAGR of 17.2% by the year 2026. North American regions alone are expected to value at $41760 million by 2026.

To adopt the best-suited business communication tool for your business, you need to be well-versed with it.

So if you are looking to switch to VoIP phone service to boost business communications, you have landed at the right place. In this blog, we’ll be comparing two very popular options available to you in this article.

Both CallHippo and Aircall are established companies in this field. Here, we’ll be analyzing both of these tools on the basis of specific parameters so that your business can make the right decision to smoothen out its communication processes.

 Let’s get started!

1.  Pricing

Pricing, undoubtedly, is a very important factor that businesses must closely look into while comparing the above two options. We are not saying the economic option is always the ideal choice for your business. But if you come across a platform that offers better features with a larger ROI, perhaps you should choose it.

CallHippo offers a pricing plan for all types of customers.

You can choose the Bronze plan for outbound calling teams. It is also equipped with additional features including call recording, country blocking, and free SMS. The plan is priced at $8/user per month.

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The sales and marketing teams can use CallHippo’s Silver plan, which is priced at $15/user per month. The plan includes Basic and Bronze plan features, along with a free number, calls queueing, and call transfer functionalities. 

CallHippo’s Platinum plan gives your company additional credit, custom integrations, and premium support all at just $35/user per month.

Aircall’s basic plan (Essentials Plan) starts at $30/user per month. It offers similar features to CallHippo’s Silver Plan at double the price.

Aircall’s Professional plan is priced at $50/user per month. The plan offers a few extra features like unlimited concurrent calls, Salesforce integrations, among other things. Note that the unlimited concurrent calls feature is available in CallHippo’s basic version.

In conclusion, CallHippo offers comparable features at half the price here.

2.  Features

By taking a closer look at the features of both Aircall and CallHippo, you can identify how they both offer similar features at different prices.

A few common features of the platforms include: call from any number, call conference, voicemail in email, ring groups, simple analytics, etc. Additionally, both of them  provide integrations for Zoho, Pipedrive, Zendesk, and Intercom.

Two unique features that make CallHippo stand out are mentioned here:

A. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) 

DNI is a special functionality that allows visitors from different geographical locations to view a local number every time they visit your company’s website. CallHippo’s unique feature can be a huge revenue booster for businesses who want to establish a local presence internationally, making it an ideal Aircall alternative. 

B. Call Barging 

Call barging is an excellent training tool for sales and customer service departments. This feature allows the monitoring supervisor to only ‘barge into’ an ongoing call to quickly resolve an issue or de-escalated a grave situation.

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As an excellent Aircall alternative, CallHippo offers far superior features that cater to teams and businesses of different sizes.

3.  User Reviews

The final step to compare products is to look into what their respective users have to say about them.

Google Play Store showcases pretty similar ratings for both the platforms. While CallHippo stands at 3.8, Aircall has been rated 3.4 by its users. 

The majority of CallHippo reviews focus on the efficiency of the app. Some of the users have also praised CallHippo’s customer service team for being extremely prompt and helpful with their responses.

On the contrary, Aircall reviewers mention that the company didn’t offer the best customer support. They also stated the app needed fixes with several glitches. One of the most common complaints was the app kept on crashing and was too expensive in the first place.

On Capterra though, Aircall is rated 4.5 by its users whereas CallHippo is rated 4. Despite the numbers, Aircall has received bad reviews around the poor customer service quality and high pricing.

 On Capterra.  With a reasonable price tag, CallHippo looks like the better option here.

We suggest you scan through a number of reviews on different websites and platforms before deciphering what the general sentiment among reviewers about the product. A basic search shows that both Aircall and CallHippo have almost equal standing. However, given CallHippo’s pricing and customer services, it leans more towards the positive side and is termed as a good Aircall alternative.


Despite being a relatively new entrant in the field, CallHippo has successfully established itself in the field by offering useful features at a lower price than its competitors.

The best platform, all in all, largely depends on what exactly your business is looking for. It clearly looks like CallHippo is winning here, but don’t just take us on our work. Do your research and be absolutely sure about it. 

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