The practice of bass guitar – quality vs. quantity

The practice of bass guitar – quality vs. quantity
Musician playing acoustic guitar and recording music on computer or learning fom online lesson

Looking for a solution where you really want to improve your bass guitar skills. What are the best possible ways to do that easily? Do you need to focus on slowly analyzing the details of the song, or should you focus on repeating it as many times as possible?

Leaving that aside, which is more important when practice, quality, or quantity?

Well, both of these aspects are necessary and should be utilized to achieve maximum effects. However, they should be used in a certain order. This element of your learning process is extremely important to remember because it performs a different function than the others. Here’s why.


You shouldn’t rush things if you meet a demanding part of a song. You must study the scenario a lot and then perform it as slowly and correctly as you can. This is extremely important.

The muscle memory of the fingers on your hand will be developed with practice. Therefore, you must “teach” your fingers the proper way to perform an action. By hurrying things and skimming over this part of the song fast, you will teach your fingers the wrong thing, which will be difficult to correct later.

In the long run, taking things slowly and studying them so that they can be implemented correctly will save you a great deal of time and effort.


Now let’s talk about quantity. As soon as you are sure you know how something is supposed to be done, you can repeat it over and over again until it almost feels automatic. When you reach that point, your fingers will be so well-trained that you will not even notice you are doing it.

The following points, however, deserve your attention. The first thing you should know is that if you’re going to practice for a long period of time, like an hour or two, I highly recommend taking 15 to 20-minute breaks throughout the practice session.

This method will allow you to learn much more efficiently since you will have more focus. As long as you’re willing and have the time, you can play all day long, just keep in mind that you should take breaks during the day.

Oh, and as far as quantity goes, you’re going to have to invest a lot of time if you want to be very good at this instrument. There are many hundreds of hours it will take before you are comfortable enough to perform on a stage, so be patient.

One step at a time

According to this story, you ought to begin practicing in small quantities and then expand to larger quantities only after you have grown in quality. In order to lose the unhealthy habit, you have to learn it properly since it may be difficult to change later. It is best to master the right way of performing the song you want to learn by studying it carefully.

Thereafter, the rest of the process will be streamlined.



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