The Sudden Boom in VPN Use in 2021 Pandemic: Should You Also Get a VPN?

The Sudden Boom in VPN Use in 2021 Pandemic: Should You Also Get a VPN?

With the Corona pandemic extending to 2021, a lot of activities switched from the real world to the online world. Whether it’s working from home, studying from home, or shopping from home, the use of the internet has definitely increased considerably with the curfews and distancing policies.

However, the internet isn’t exactly a risk-free place, with many users falling victims to identity theft, businesses at risk of hacking, and even individuals who want privacy from their own governments.

VPN Statistics in 2021

This combination of reliance on the internet and safety-related issues is what made the VPN market boom in 2021.

It is estimated that about 29% of users use a VPN for personal use when surfing the internet, while 24% use a VPN for business-related activities, with 15% of users using a VPN for both. Only 34% of individuals are estimated not to use any form of VPN protection.

As for how the VPN market has grown, in 2020, the VPN market was valued at approximately $35 Billion, and in the next five years, it is estimated to increase between double to triple the value. This shows how much the use of VPN is increasing.

Business Use of VPNs

When it comes to businesses, in addition to encrypting the transferred information, a VPN also plays a role in selectively allowing individuals with a certain IP address to log in (Dedicated IP VPN), a dedicated IP means a static IP that won’t change, which can be set as a log in condition.

Personal Use of VPNs

As for individuals, with the increased use of VPNs, many users have found so many valuable features which are well worth the price and even save money in some cases.

The reasons why users would want to use a VPN are numerous. They include:

  1. Privately connecting to the internet, creating encrypted tunnels with intended contacts, and ensuring your safety and protection.
  2. Switching the IP address and by extension, the location, which can unblock geo-restricted content such as Netflix US, UK libraries.
  3. Lowering prices by masking your IP address, including digital products, flights, and hotel booking.
  4. Bypassing geo-censorship and unblocking websites that aren’t allowed in your country.

The list goes on and on.

Choosing the Right VPN

Finally, we get to the question, what makes a VPN better than another VPN? Unfortunately, this isn’t so simple of a question to answer and mainly depends on your needs.

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