Things to Consider While Buying a Pillow Online

Pillows are one of the essential household items necessary for comfort. They could make the difference between you having a lovely night’s rest and not being able to sleep comfortably. For this reason, you have to be cautious when buying pillows. 

To help you with your pillow choice, when you are planning to  buy  pillows online here below are some of the things you need to put into consideration. 


Breathability is an essential factor to consider when you want to buy a pillow. This is the

the ability of any fabric to allow sweat evaporated by the body to diffuse. 

According to research, most pillows with high breathability are either manufactured with shredded foam or polyester. So, check out pillows made with these materials when shopping for breathable pillows. 

Additionally, denser pillow fillings are less breathable. Pillows with cooling gel pads also offer comfort for a while, but it doesn’t last forever. Also, avoid pillows made with a single slab of foam. 


Another factor that determines whether you should go for a pillow or not is firmness. The level of firmness you should seek in a pillow should be determined by how you sleep. If you sleep on your side, you should go for a fuller pillow to compensate for the gap between the bed, your upper back, and your shoulder blades. This pillow will align your neck with your spine to avoid strains and sprains. On the other hand, people who prefer sleeping on their back need flatter pillows because that gap is smaller. Lastly, a thin pillow is best if you prefer sleeping on your stomach.

Care Label

However, the National Sleep Foundation highly recommends that one should get a new pillow every 1 to 2 years. Still, you need to clean and maintain your pillows while still having them. To ensure the pillow is maintained correctly as the manufacturer intended, you must check the care label of a pillow before you purchase it. This is because not all pillows can be washed or cleaned the same way. Some pillows can’t be washed in warm water, while some require only the cold setting. 

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If you suffer from an allergy to dust mites, you should get a pillow that you can wash with hot water once a month to get rid of bugs. 

Generally, getting a pillow that can’t be washed is not recommended. 

Kind Of Mattress

The material used in making your mattress also determines the kind of pillow you should opt for. For someone with a softer mattress, you should get a thinner pillow. Softer mattresses allow the body to sink, resulting in a smaller gap between the mattress and the head. 

On the other hand, firmer mattresses prevent people from sinking in, and as a result, they leave a more significant gap. For this reason, a full pillow is best for a firm mattress. 


Price is the most important factor to consider when buying a pillow online. Before you buy a pillow online, you should know the price. Most online stores don’t offer negotiations, so either you buy or don’t. But if you can’t afford a particular pillow, it doesn’t mean you can’t find another lesser option, and it is of good quality.

Return Policies

If you’re buying a pillow online, you might not be able to see the type of pillow you want. For this reason, you should be familiar with the return policy of the store you’re buying from. You can order from them if they’re okay with you changing a pillow after realizing it doesn’t fit your category. Some manufacturers also offer a 100-night sleep trial to know if you’re comfortable sleeping with their pillow. 

Common Types Of Pillows


Latex pillows are one of the most common types of pillows. These types of pillows are either in clusters or solid. Their primary difference is that cluster pillows are adjustable, while solid pillows have more structure. Since these pillows are made from natural latex, which comes from rubber trees, they bounce more than foam and become soft immediately after you lay your head on them. They are also very durable and serve as an excellent alternative to memory foam. 

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Down Alternative

Down alternative pillows may sound strange to some people, but they’re also one of the most common types of foam. These pillows are made with synthetic fiber, designed to mimic real down. Also known to be hypoallergenic, these pillows are less costly than similar products because they can also be made with polyester. Even though these pillows made with polyester don’t go down and aren’t as lofty as the rest, they’re still of good quality. Generally, down alternative pillows are known for maintaining their shape even under pressure.


Gel is one of the materials used in making pillows. It’s designed to help keep the heat away from the head as one sleeps and give a cooling effect. However, people don’t often come across full gel pillows. Manufacturers make more gel-infused pillows, so you can come across a memory foam with gel dispersed throughout or a foam pillow that only has gel in its outer part. 

Memory Foam

These types of pillows vary in firmness levels. So, a memory foam pillow can either be a solid foam piece that offers cradle-like support or a cluster memory foam pillow with bits of memory foam inside. The heights of these pillow types are adjustable. As sleepers change sleep positions throughout the night, it’s also possible for them to move the shiftable pieces of the pillow to their comfort. 

Kapok & Wool

Kapok pillows are made of kapok, a natural fiber from a tree-like latex. Even though they’re not as common as other types of pillows, kapok pillows can be made from a combination of kapok and form to support their users. Wool pillows also offer temperature regulation, softness, and breathability.


In the last few years, hybrid pillows have become popular. Hybrid pillows are manufactured by combining various materials suitable for making pillows. However, the most common hybrid pillows are made with memory foam clusters and down-alternative fill. These hybrid pillows are preferred because they offer structure, support, softness and comfort. 

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