Things To Look For In White Label Partners

Things To Look For In White Label Partners

With the entrance of white label business models in the software development industry, there has been emergence of several white label reseller programs. These programs allow small to medium-sized IT companies to rebrand software and sell it forward to their clients. 

Why Businesses Use White Label Solutions? 

The most common reasons behind the increased preference for white label solutions are expansion in service offerings, development cost savings, reduction in human resource expenses, increased bandwidth, faster project deliveries and streamlining of work processes. Along with these benefits, some entrepreneurs also use white label solutions to fulfill unique software development requirements.  

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a White Label Partner for Your Business

1. Business Reputation

Companies offering white label solutions and partnership programs aim to work with multiple partners. This means it is quite possible for them to be facing a huge workload at a single time. Multiple projects and fixed deadlines put companies on their edge. Managers and consultants are almost working close to their breaking points. Thus, it is not easy to handle a white-label reseller program. For this reason, always check a company’s experience and reputation in dealing with whitelabel solutions before selecting your partner.

2. Services

Whitelabel solutions eliminate development costs and considering that they can be sold at a 30% to 40% profit, they are very lucrative for small-sized businesses. Now, joining a white label reseller program with a wide range of services and products is more beneficial for a company as it instantly increases the range of service offerings. Thus, always review the quality and quantity of the services offered by the software provider before joining the white label partnership programs

3. Support

Reseller partners with in-house development teams can also face challenges in resolving bugs and technical issues from the white label software. Nonetheless, the process can be extensively time consuming. A better way to deal with the technical support problem is to approach a white label solutions provider that offers full support. While some companies can charge for support, ensure that it fits in your budget before finalizing the partnership.

4. Communication Medium

Due to heavy workload, white label solution provider companies can take time to revert back to your emails. For this reason, they should provide you with multiple communication options or a dedicated project manager to deal with your assignments only. Also, as it is rarely possible for white label solution providers to offer 24/7 real-time technical support, businesses should refrain from keeping such unrealistic expectations from any white label services company. 

5. Past Work

Previous works of a company are the best criteria to judge its work quality. Numerous companies provide work portfolios on their website. Some even have case studies where you can evaluate how good a company is at resolving the problems and challenges of its clients. Based on the previous works, software development businesses can review if the white label solution company would be able to meet the requirements of its clients.

6. Work Transparency

Transparency in outsourcing is required to ensure project quality. It is useful to track work progress and evaluate the development process of the manufacturing company. Businesses preferring an agile development approach require a transparent development process to effectively increment the software. To provide this transparency, some companies use a daily reporting software where clients can review pending and under progress tasks quite easily. 


These were the most common things to look out for while selecting a white label partner. Based on the performance and profitability of the partnership, reselling partners can decide whether to stick with a single white label partner or join more programs. Always look upon a company having all types of digital solutions such as all white label services and software like FATbit Technologies so that you don’t need to find another service provider.


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Saurabh Thakur

Saurabh Thakur is an eCommerce analyst and business consultant. He helps businesses or startup firms to establish their online businesses through white label partnership programs. Currently, he is working with white-label eCommerce software development company FATbit Technologies. He has been active in this industry for the past 7 years.


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