It’s summer and homeowners have renovated their patios, backyards, and pool areas so that they can enjoy their time under the sun with friends and family. However, the sun could be at times glaring and make you and your guests uncomfortable. So a good way to protect yourself is to have a shade solution. And patio umbrellas are probably one of the best devices that can shield you from the harmful rays.

A patio umbrella or a large outdoor umbrella can let you relax, dine, and entertain, and for those who can, work outdoors without sweltering in what may be a harsh summer sun. There are plenty of patio or cantilever umbrellas that are available in the market and you might tend to get a bit confused with the choices. But we are here to guide you in buying the best patio umbrellas for ample shade. Read on to learn more…

Types of patio umbrellas

There are various kinds of outdoor umbrellas that might suit your needs and situations. But the most common types include the cantilever and patio umbrellas. We give you a detailed account of how each of these umbrellas differs from one another…

  • Cantilever umbrellas: A cantilever umbrella is a shading solution where the umbrella beam holds the canopy on one end while it is supported at the other end. The majority of these umbrellas have offset posts and bases. The best part about cantilever umbrellas is that they offer a lot of free and unobstructed space below the canopy and you can have ample shade at all times by changing the angle and tracking the sun’s movements. They also allow you to raise or lower the umbrella height from the ground easily.

Versatile and stylish, these are ideal umbrellas for restaurants or resorts where you need to accommodate plenty of guests in your outdoor area.

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  • Patio umbrellas: As the name suggests, a patio umbrella is a shading solution that can be inserted through a table or fitted into a stand. You can use a weighted base for additional support to hold the umbrella upright.

These are made of top-quality marine-grade materials that offer heavy-duty protection from the sun or rain. These umbrellas not only provide ample shelter for occupants sitting underneath but also shield outdoor furniture like dining tables and chairs from damage due to exposure to direct sunlight, particularly on hot summer days.

Originally built for home or recreational use, patio umbrellas are extensively used to shade a patio or outdoor dining tables in backyards, cover an outdoor kitchen and seating areas in commercial spaces like hotels, resorts.

  • Wall-mounted umbrellas: These large outdoor umbrellas can be mounted on almost any wall and are ideal for patios, balconies and decks. If you are looking for outdoor umbrellas that can fit in small spaces, these are ideal. You can also install and remove the umbrellas easily from their mount.

Patio umbrella features ensuring ample shade

Now that you have got an idea of the type of umbrellas that are available in the market, we would go deeper into the make and other finer details of an umbrella…

Fabric: The canopy is arguably the most important part of an umbrella. So make sure to look for a canopy that is constructed from durable, outdoor fabrics. The most popular fabrics that are being used are acrylic, olefin, polyethylene, Spanish recasens, and Italian Para Tempotest. Since an umbrella is meant for outdoor use, the fabric should be able to resist weather elements, be it rain, shine, wind and harmful radiation.

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Frame: An umbrella frame comprises the ribs and the pole. And the best pole or rib materials are aluminium, steel, or fibreglass. Most of these materials are extremely strong and rigid. But, they are lightweight, flexible and rust and corrosion-resistant at the same time. The quality of the frame determines an umbrella’s durability. So choose a material that will last long so that it not only secures a large canopy to a firm base but also keep the patio or cantilever umbrella straight.

Base: If you want to install an umbrella at a restaurant or a resort, make sure you buy a strong and heavy base with it. Otherwise, it might become embarrassing if the umbrella flies away or topples over in strong wind. The base will help keep the restaurant umbrella fixed to a spot.

Tilt and rotate function: Cantilever umbrellas are a great choice when it comes to patio umbrellas. They are popular for their quality and innovative technology and come with the flexibility to rotate 360 degrees. They also have a tilt mechanism that helps shield UV rays from all angles.


These days, you can customise a patio umbrella with different unique designs and patterns and use them to decorate your outdoor space. A nice colourful umbrella can make your patio or backyard more vibrant. However, we must not forget that the primary purpose of an umbrella is to provide ample shade so that you and your family members and friends are well protected against the harmful rays of the sun and other inclement weather elements. And we hope that by following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to buy a patio umbrella that gives you maximum shade coverage during summer.


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