Best Ways To Use Instagram Insights To Boost Your Marketing

Back in the day, Instagram was all about sharing your photos with friends. Now that the platform has grown, it has become a great way to market. They came with a useful feature called Instagram Insights, which is especially helpful for influencers and marketers.

You can use Instagram Insights to find out who your followers are, what content they interact with the most, and when they are most likely to be on Instagram. This information can be beneficial when making content for a specific group. So, you can create marketing campaigns that work better and reach your target audience.

Just looking at those charts won’t be enough. To make marketing decisions, you must know how to read the Instagram analytics and metrics.

What are Insights for Instagram?

Instagram Insights is a built-in analytics tool that gives you information about your content and the actions and demographics of your followers. You need a business account to get to Instagram Insights. There are three places in the Instagram app where you can find Insights data.

To see Instagram analytics and metrics for a specific post, go to the base and tap View Insights in the bottom left corner. On the homepage of Insights, you can see a summary of the data for the posts you’ve made in the last week.

How to use Instagram Insights in an intelligent way

Check Account Reach

One of the most important metrics you’ll learn about when you look at Instagram insight is your reach rate. You can see how many different accounts your posts reached in general and how many people visited a specific position. The Instagram algorithm decides which posts should appear on the “Explore” page to get more people to interact with them.

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Keep an eye on profile activity

Use Instagram Insights to see how many people visit your account. This could be an email address, website, phone number, etc.  Look at how many people visited your website or contacted you after clicking the “call to action” button.

Audiences Demography

You can learn more about your audience and make them more interested by looking at insights. Click on the “Audiences” tab on the “Insights” dashboard to see how old, male, and female, where they live, and what they like.

The Right Time

Use the “Insights” feature to find out when most of your Instagram followers are on. If you post at random times, that could be one reason why you get less attention.  You can choose any day to post at Instagram’s busiest time to get more likes and clicks.

Analyze Hashtags

You could use Instagram insights to determine which hashtags work best for you. Most people find content through hashtags. Hashtags are the most important way to get more interactions and traffic.

Try out different hashtags and captions to increase your posts in the Instagram algorithm. Use branded hashtags and hashtags that are popular at the moment in your posts.

Wrapping Up

To improve your Instagram marketing strategy, you should use Instagram Insights to find out how well your posts do on Instagram. Using the information from these insights, you, as a marketer, could change your content strategy to get more engagement, be seen more, and make more sales.

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