To Whom Should You Talk Before You Buy SEO Services?

To Whom Should You Talk Before You Buy SEO Services?

Hiring professional SEO services is one of the best ways to increase your traffic, sales, and overall online reputation. However, doing so properly means finding the right team. Now, chances are that you aren’t that familiar with SEO (at least not in-depth) which means that recognizing the right agency and understanding what you’re paying for may be quite difficult.

The best way to overcome this deficiency is to start doing outreach to industry experts and inquiring about their specific fields of expertise. This raises another question – who should you talk to before buying SEO services? Well, there’s a number of people who would have some unique insights to offer. Here are five such individuals.

1. SEO strategist

The first person you want to talk to is an SEO strategist. This is the person with the big picture in mind, the one studying and analyzing the market, as well as charting the general direction that your online presence should head in. They also analyze your competition and determine the KPIs according to which the success of your SEO campaign will be measured.

Even though you’re aiming for an increase in global online reach, a good SEO strategist like will primarily maximize your local search exposure. Developing strong calls to action can also make a world of difference.

According to experts behind a prestigious SEO company from Sydney, one of the biggest challenges of an SEO strategist is trying to keep up with all the latest SEO practices. You see, the algorithm is constantly evolving and a sound course of action prior to the latest update may no longer be valid. This aptitude for innovation is what sets the best SEO strategists (and firms) apart from the rest of the industry.

2. Technical SEO expert

The role of a technical SEO expert is to explain the specifics of on-site optimization and give you some insight into how these moving parts help the machinery that is your online presence.  The technical SEO expert is usually someone skilled in on-site optimization, someone who can help you make your site easier to index.

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They achieve this by making your content crawl-friendly. You see, you’re not designing your website just for a human audience. Search engine bots (colloquially referred to as crawlers) tend to spread across your website and examine it from their own perspective. While their algorithm has grown more sophisticated in the past several years, it’s still quite peculiar.

The technical SEO specialist is also in charge of your UX-related aspects. Therefore, they are the pivotal link between your web development team and your marketing team.

3. Web developer

The structure of your pages will do quite a bit to determine your SEO standing. Also, your content strategy is one of the most important things for both your SEO rank and traffic. The role of a web developer is to make sure that all your content fits perfectly into your website.

The website structure and architecture need to be crawler-friendly, as well. Sure, a technical SEO expert could perform an audit later on but it’s much better to have this integrated from the very start. So, you could have a sit-down with your on-site specialist and your web developer and have them go over your website. It’s even better if you can find a web developer with a background in SEO.

Overall, you want them to make an outline of their suggestions and your needs before you proceed. It sounds quite simple but you would be surprised at just how many site owners skip this step believing it to be unnecessary.

4. Link builder

The person in charge of spreading your network across the internet is a link builder. This is the person in charge of your content publicity. It is their role to build quality links back to your website and blog in order to attract more audiences and create more credibility in the eyes of all their readers.

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The role of a link builder requires them to do outreach via email, negotiate with blog owners, provide quality content to site owners, and interact with the online community, in general. They are something between an SEO expert and a PR specialist.

The reason why you need to talk to a link builder is in order to get to know their practices better. After all, they’re the ones who will have direct contact with your audience and partners and you need to be aware of the nature of this interaction. Moreover, this is the position in which the negotiation ability of the individual carries the most weight. So, checking out who you’re working with is definitely a sound plan.

5. Content writer

At the end of the day, the quality of content may determine the success of your overall SEO campaign. Now, SEO writing is a lot different from traditional creative writing, copywriting, or even blogging. This is a creative individual who needs to keep in mind some technical aspects of SEO.

Also, it is incredibly important that this content writer understands your company. The last thing you want is to be misrepresented. Overall, this is supposed to be a mutually-beneficial dialog that should take place as soon as possible.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, it is unrealistic to expect that you can master the art of SEO through these few conversations. Fortunately, this is really not your main objective. What you’re aiming for is some basic understanding of the process, which will help you make up your mind when it comes to subsequent decisions. With this in mind, contacting the above-listed five experts is the way to go.

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