Too Much Stress And Anxiety In The Digital Age: The Dark Side Of Technology

Too Much Stress And Anxiety In The Digital Age: The Dark Side Of Technology


Anxiety and stress are two common disorders of the body that come during distress. If you are going through tough times in your life, then these two symptoms are common. But not always being in tension means going under stress. It also can happen if you are not having a good sleep or your body is not in good health. And in recent years, the reason for lacking energy is not sleeping for a long time. People are running in a rat race and forgetting their health.

And along with these come the advances in technology and the invention of different gadgets. These have not only made us lazy but also reduced the total work done throughout the day. As these are doing all our work and have done hard work more accessible, they make our body less tired. best online hrt clinic, The lack of tiredness is also another reason that you cannot have a deep sleep at night. Nowadays, people stay awake late at night -watching movies or using phones. It is affecting a lot of the body’s normal function.

Here are a few reasons why you are getting stressed about using electronic devices-

1) Getting Up Repeatedly Due to Notifications

It is mainly a sign of perpetual distraction. It occurs when you are so busy with the notifications on your phone that you will jump up to see it; this is extremely bad for your health. If you repeatedly jump up as soon as a notification comes, it can damage the melatonin secretion in the body. This hormone has a vital role in regulating your sleeping routine. Even your mind continues to work all the time as your attention remains towards the phone. You can never be calm and go to sleep.

So, it is better to keep away from the phones or even use silent mode to sleep better at night. It will avoid getting up in the middle of the night. Accidental exposure to the blue light (of the screen) should also be avoided. Hence it will increase your concentration and improve your memory.

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2) Interrupted Sleeping Routine

Some like to surf the internet before sleeping for unnecessary reasons. Some may watch movies; some may look through pictures or have other things to look at. But this isn’t good for your health. Be it the weather or different things, you can search for them in the morning. But please allow your eyes and body to rest for some time after a whole day. You may use comforters, to form a pouch stuffed with soft filling like wool, cotton, silk, or polyester to give you the coziness to sleep well. You can also choose to sleep in proper size beds like a king or a california king. You just need to understand the size difference between a king and California king.

It may produce double whammy effects in our brain. It is extremely bad as your body will feel it hard to go back to sleep after this effect. It drastically reduces the amount of sleep as the melatonin level decreases to a large extent. Even your circadian rhythm is affected badly, and you may not be able to sleep or fall asleep. It will ultimately lead to anxiety and a lot of stress in the body.

3) Balance Between Job and Life

For a long time, all doctors suggest keeping the workload and life separated. You should deal with work at your workplace and come back home and take a rest rather than still work all through the night. If you keep on working late at night, it can affect the melanin secretion, and also, your body won’t be able to relax. It would really help if you had a sleep to energize for the next day.  It may be emails or other documents to submit, but you won’t function correctly the next day if you disrupt the sleep for such work. So it is better to keep your unfinished work for the next day at your workplace and rest during the nighttime. You can use proper size beds that are comfortable and provide a proper sleep schedule like the queen or king size beds. You can go for choosing between king vs queen bed size. To work faster and enjoy the rest of the day, use those items that are easily washable. Most pillows are machine washable and can be used to decrease household work. Here are some steps to wash pillows in a machine.

  • Add warm water and go for a complete gentle cycle
  • Add mild detergent
  • Then you can add cold water and rinse and spin the cycle
  • Tumble the pillow dry on low heat.
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4) Fear that you are missing out on something

This kind of fear can be expected. You may feel that you have forgotten or missed out on some event or work or communication with people or something excellent and ethereal- in which your presence was needed. So you feel connected in case you are missing out. And for this, you use the phone or any mode of communication for a very long time throughout the day. So, even if you are thinking of staying connected to not miss out on some work but in reality, you are getting engulfed by F.O.M.O.

5) In terms of Social Comparison

It is pretty standard for us to compare ourselves with others. Moreover, we try to clarify if we are according to the standards based on others. This social comparison has made every human assess how they feel and think about themselves. Nowadays, many have grown up on the idea that their nature has been described by the number of likes they get on a picture. Be it friends, likes, followers, or any other social metrics, you are known best to yourself. It is pretty hard to understand, but people must be confident in their individuality. If you have such metrics, if you don’t get the deserving likes or comments, or shares that you wanted, then you might be sad.

Moreover, it has to be kept in mind that the pictures or videos we see on social media are highly edited pictures of people. It is pretty different from their real lives. Please live your life differently and peacefully rather than thinking about likes. Make the reality make you feel free and energized. And let no such comparison come to your mind.


So even if we won’t have been able to communicate without this social media and electronic devices, all have their disadvantages. Using more phones or laptops at night disrupts sleep and increases anxiety. At the same time, social media increases your stress and concern for the above-stated reasons. So take care of yourself and eliminate the causes of stress and anxiety.

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