Top 10 Call Of Duty: Mobile Tips And Tricks

Top 10 Call Of Duty: Mobile Tips And Tricks

If you’ve played Call of Duty: Mobile, you’ll know just how fierce the competition can get. When you’re up against serious players – those who play ranked competitive games rather than just dabbling in casual modes – you need every advantage you can get. Just playing a few games then hopping into ranked modes isn’t going to stand you in very good stead at all; if you want to win, then you’re going to need to step up your game. We’re here to help with that. Here are our top 10 Call of Duty: Mobile tips and tricks.

1. Amass COD Points and Credits

One of the best ways to level up your game in Call of Duty: Mobile is to start building up a collection of COD Points and Credits. These in-game currencies allow you to upgrade your weapons, buy new ones, and generally get better equipment to help you compete with the most skilled players. Platforms like can give you the competitive advantage you need in this area, so it’s worth checking them out if you want to get some Points and Credits on your side.

2. Use the practice mode

Call of Duty: Mobile comes complete with a practice mode that you can use to improve your skills in a non-hostile environment. While you’re practicing, you won’t be facing off against other players, making it a perfect opportunity to hone your play and figure out what your most effective style is. Are you best at close range or do you work better as a long-range specialist? However, you play, make sure you make extensive use of the practice mode so you can figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

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3. Use the Advanced control mode

There are two control modes in Call of Duty: Mobile, but there’s only one you should be using if you want to compete. The Simple mode will automatically fire at your opponents, while you’ll be granted greater control over your character in Advanced mode. As you can imagine, Advanced is by far the better of the two options if you want to play ranked matches. You’ll probably need to put in a few more hours on the practice mode, but it’ll be worth it.

4. Use dropshotting

Dropshotting helps you to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent in COD: Mobile. In essence, this move involves dropping into a prone position and firing simultaneously. You can use this move when your opponent is aiming at you; it’ll make it much harder for them to hit you, because you’ll suddenly be prone, meaning their aim will be lost. You, on the other hand, will still be firing at them, so you won’t lose anything in the bargain. Mastering this move is important in COD: Mobile.

5. Play on low graphics

Unless you’re running an incredibly powerful gaming phone, there’s really no need to play Call of Duty: Mobile on the highest graphics settings. Instead, you should play on a setting that gives you a fluid, consistent frame rate. Any esports pro will tell you that a fast frame rate is far more important than shiny graphics, and that’s true here as well. Lower the graphics until you aren’t experiencing frame rate drops or stutter any more, and play consistently on that graphical setting.

6. Use the Gunsmith mode

Thanks to the Gunsmith mode, Call of Duty: Mobile allows you to customise your weapons to a pretty significant degree. To the right of the Gunsmith screen, you’ll see a breakdown of what your weapon’s stats look like, and you’ll be able to swap out parts and add different components to create the perfect weapon for your play style. Your customisation should vary based not only on your play style, but also based on the map you’re playing on, so make sure to make extensive use of the loadout feature as well.

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7. Play with headphones

Playing Call of Duty: Mobile with headphones isn’t just a good idea because the music and sound effects are great (although that’s certainly true). It’s also essential because it will allow you to hear what’s happening around you. If a player is trying to sneak up on you, you’ll hear it much better with a pair of headphones than you would through your phone’s speaker. If you don’t have headphones, connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone, but make sure you’re not just using the built-in speaker.

8. Consider an Ethernet connection

Depending on which device you’re using to play Call of Duty: Mobile, you may wish to consider using a wired Ethernet connection. This bypasses the need for Wi-Fi, meaning you probably won’t suffer any drop-outs or connection issues. You’ll need an adapter for your phone, and you’ll also need to confirm that your particular device supports Ethernet connections, but if it does, this is definitely a better way to play than to stay connected to Wi-Fi.

9. Use a controller

That’s right: you can play COD: Mobile with a controller. Xbox controllers will work with both iOS and Android devices, but if you’ve got a PS5 DualSense controller, you’ll only be able to use that with iOS for the time being. You’ll be matched up against players who are also using controllers so as to ensure that you don’t get an unfair advantage, but playing COD: Mobile with a controller is just far more rewarding than using the touch screen controls.

10. Move your controls around

If you head into the Call of Duty: Mobile options, you’ll notice that there is a setting which allows you to customise your controls. It’s worth taking a look at this. If there are any elements in the game that feel out of place, then this is where you can move them to where you think they should be. Remember, too, that the standard multiplayer mode and the battle royale mode have different layouts, so you can customise both of them independently.

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