Top 10 free educational programs for kids in 2021

Top 10 free educational programs for kids in 2021

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin. 

With our ongoing battle with Covid-19, more and more people are advised to stay at home. With students taking classes online and parents working from home, kids now have spare time which if utilised properly can be beneficial for their future. 

What is online learning?

Online learning is a means for children to learn new skills or take classes with the help of the internet. When learning online students don’t need to attend lectures in classrooms, online learning takes place on their computers, tablets or mobile phones! 

These days, there are many certification courses which you can take up online. What makes online courses more interesting is the fact that anyone can start taking up classes online so it’s also a fairly easy means of generating some income. 

E-learning provides you with an all-around education which means that you could be studying to become an engineer in college and learning a new dance form on the side. E-learning makes studying versatile and fun in the comfort of your home! We also believe that working while earning an education is a natural boost for your career and a great way of earning money on the side.

Advantages of learning online – 

There are many benefits to getting an education online, some of these benefits are – 

  • Freedom of learning whatever you want – In schools and colleges there are only a select few subjects that you can take up and learn. With online education, this barrier no longer exists. You can continue your education in a particular field and along with that can do an online course in a different field of your choice. For example, you may be studying business in school and learning about coding through online lectures. Students are no longer restricted to pursue and learn topics only related to one field.
  • Reduced educational costs – With tuition fees being sky high, getting an education the old way may or may not be practical and accessible for all. With online educational courses being easily available and accessible, students can now get the same kind of education for a much cheaper rate at home!
  • Studying at your own pace – One great advantage of studying online is students can go back and forth as much as they want to fully understand a concept. In traditional schools, once a lecture is over with, students have to rely on their notes or on their friends. Online courses can be recorded and thus revisited a number of times. This gives students more time to understand and grasp topics which they otherwise find difficult.
  • Comfort of learning from your own home – In today’s situation when staying home is not only mandatory but also safe, learning online is a great way for students to continue learning from home. One advantage of studying online is the element of flexibility and the opportunity for self care. 
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Free online courses for kids in 2021 –

There are many courses that students can take up online which are free and accessible to all. Some of these are – 

  • Harvard University – Harvard University is a private Ivy League university based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s also the oldest institution for higher learning and is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Harvard university provides you with a number of free online courses which you can take up online to grow and explore your skills. Harvard university has more than 600 courses for you to take online. Some of these courses are Justice which is an introduction to political philosophy and morals.
  • University of California – Founded on March 23, 1868, the university of California has a rich history. The college provides you with a number of free courses such as introduction to electronics where you learn the basics of electronics such as transistors, op-amps, etc.
  • Georgia institute of technology – Founded in 1885, Georgia institute used to only teach only mechanical engineering up until 1901. Take a 15 hour course in supply chain principals or learn about data analytics in business. Georgia Institute has a variety of e-learning topics for you to choose from.
  • École Polytechnique – École Polytechnique is a top level French institute which provides a variety of courses for you to join. They have 29 online courses! 10 of those courses are taught in English while the rest are taught in French. Some of their courses are how to write and publish a scientific paper, from particles to stars.
  • Michigan state university – Michigan state university is one of the largest universities in the USA. It offers a variety of online courses such as the art for games specialisation, becoming a journalist and many more.
  • California institute of the arts – Ranked 20th worldwide for art and design in the QS World University Ranking by Subject 2020 is the California Institute of arts. It has a variety of online courses for you to study such as graphic design specialisation, poetry workshops and many more.
  • Hong Kong university of science and technology – With their main aim of providing advanced teaching, research, management, business and engineering, the Hong Kong university has a variety of online subjects you can study from. Some of these courses are state, law and the economy, making sense of news and many more.
  • UCL University college London – Ranked no. 8 in the QS world university ranking UCL is also one of the most prestigious colleges in the UK. They have a variety of online courses which you can join such as culture, health and well-being, citizen science and scientific suffering.
  • Massachusetts institute of technology – MIT ranks as no. 1 in the QS world university. MIT is a private land- grant research university based in Cambridge. It offers a variety of online courses such as micro economic theory and public policy, making books: the Renaissance and today and many more.
  • Class Central – Class Central is an online portal where you can learn from a variety of subjects such as social sciences, education and teaching, mathematics and much more. Class Central has more than 600+ free google certification courses.
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In Conclusion – 

There are a variety of subjects for you to take up online and study. Find a university or course which gives you the freedom of learning online at your pace and your convenience.

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