Top 10 Key Skills Need to Hire Graphic Designer in 2021

Top 10 Key Skills Need to Hire Graphic Designer in 2021

Finding a job as a graphic designer can be intimidating for a beginner. It is a highly competitive field and requires professionals to upgrade their skills with the evolving trends.

A skilled graphic designer of Port Macquarie blends art and technology to create a compelling design that conveys ideas, inspires the audience, and achieves the defined target. Moreover, studies show that 49% of marketers incorporate visual design into their marketing strategy. This means that employers are looking for graphic designers who have the best knowledge about current visual trends.

But How Do You Become a Skilled Graphic Designer?

One of the best ways to learn the fundamentals and update yourself is by enrolling in a graphic design training institution. With comprehensive graphic design classes, you can learn about the latest design software to make your creatives stand out. For more clarity, let’s look at what’s in demand right now and how you can start updating yourself in 2021.

10 Must-Have Graphic Designing Skills to Add to Your Resume!

  • Use of 3D Elements in Your Designs

Whether it is digital typography or a logo design, 3D elements are the go-to for graphic designers in 2021. However, it requires you to learn about 3D rendering and its effect. A recent report found that proficiency with 3D graphics can help beginners accelerate their careers. A graphic design course can broaden your skills and provide exposure to the latest 3D tools to advance your career.

  • Technical Software Skills

One of the most common interview questions asked by recruiters to budding graphic designers is which software they are comfortable working on. Just as an artist needs a sketchpad and a doctor needs a lab, a graphic designer needs the latest design software to create, refine, and organize their best works. Softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash are popular and have a suite of the latest tools to create content for web applications, social media, print media, and more. A well-known graphic design certification course will train you on these platforms to ensure that you develop efficient software skills. 

  • Understanding Social Media

There are over 3.2 billion images shared every day on social media. Understanding social platforms, such as Behance, Instagram, Pinterest, and other visual platforms, is a critical requirement for employers. On such platforms, you can not only work with clients but also promote yourself. With graphic design training, you can create the best and most visually appealing ads to succeed in the realm of social media. 

  • UX Designing

As the graphic design industry has become more consumer-centric and focussed on digital experiences, beginners and professionals should focus their attention on UX designing. It involves creating solutions that enhance the experiences of users. If you learn the fundamentals of UX design, you can communicate your point better and more efficiently. Learning the language of UX designers will help you perform a better job at attracting user’s attention. An online graphic design course will help you understand visual communication and design laws to explore various disciplines in-depth.

  • Coding Skills

Nobody expects graphic designers to make full-fledged web applications, but having HTML and CSS skills can help you gain a competitive edge. Graphic designers who have an understanding of web design infrastructures will understand the project’s technical requirements better. They will also enjoy greater artistic freedom for web projects as they know every step of the development process. 

  • Knowing the Latest Technologies- AR, VR, and Mixed Reality

Advances in augmented reality and artificial intelligence has opened up a new world of possibilities for graphic designers. Companies are already using AR in their marketing campaign, and it has a far-reaching impact on graphic designing. The transition of conventional designs to 3D designs has paved the way for designers to deliver better experiences. Being knowledgeable and tech-savvy about the latest technologies will help you adjust better to the needs of companies. The best graphic design training institute will help you explore different technologies and ensure that you know all the advanced concepts. 

  • Portfolio & Project Management Skills

Your portfolio is arguably the ideal tool to find a suitable job and showcase your best work. Hence, having portfolio and project management skills is vital for graphic designers. Employers want to see your best work and design style to ensure that you can take on complex projects. A graphic design course will help you develop a portfolio through live projects and business case studies, along with excellent mentorship to clear your doubts and build a work ethic. 

  • Become a Master in Your Specialization 

How many times have you applied for your in-house design job and never heard back? It may happen because you are not portraying your skills as per the job specification. Having a specific, targeted skill-set suited to the job will help employers understand why you are a good fit for their company.

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Having a specialization will help you focus on a particular niche rather than dabbling across multiple disciplines. Getting a graphic design certification from a well-known institute will help you explore various graphic design specializations and make an informed career choice. 

  • Having a Problem Solving Attitude 

A successful graphic designer knows that creativity and problem-solving goes hand in hand. You need to understand your client’s requirements and design a specific and effective solution using the best-in-class tools. The iterative process involves researching, information gathering, conceptualization, presentation, revision, and implementation. Employers prefer designers who have a proven track record and a problem-solving mindset to handle various challenging business situations. 

  • Presentation Skills

Technical skills are not the only ones that matter. In a survey by Deloitte, 92% of respondents rated soft skills as a critical priority. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in the field, you need strong communication skills to draft proposals and convey your ideas. With graphic design classes, you will get a platform to collaborate and work with mentors, peers, and industry experts. This will boost your confidence and help you develop essential soft skills for creating a persuasive solution. 

Final Thoughts

For graphic designers today, it is not enough to show up and present the work. You have to rise above the competition and have that X factor so that potential employers notice your work. With the advent of dynamic and personalized online graphic design courses, you can prepare yourself for the next phase of your career.

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