Top 10 Marketing Automation Software of 2021

Top 10 Marketing Automation Software of 2021

Businesses of all sizes understand the need for marketing to boost their sales and ROI. It is equally important to use the right tools for marketing and to stay updated with them. This tool heavily simplifies and streamlines the marketing workflow.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 marketing automation software and its features.

What is marketing automation software?

Automation software enhances your marketing workflow by automation. The entire marketing workflow gets automated, reducing your marketing team’s burden. The following are the key functions of marketing automation software:

  • Lead Management
  • Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Triggered Emails
  • Personalized messaging
  • Automated workflow

By the use of automation, you can employ powerful marketing strategies that constantly evolve. So be sure that you choose the best software that has all these features.

Top 10 Marketing Automation Software

1. PeppyBiz


PeppyBiz is one of the leading business software solutions providers in the market. Many business giants acclaim our marketing automation software to be bug-free. The following are the reasons why PeppyBiz is the best option for all businesses:

  • You can easily track and rate customer actions.
  • The software creates automated personalised emails.
  • It automatically recommends products based on customer activity.
  • Affordable plans that suit every kind of business.
  • It can seamlessly integrate with the CRM software and third-party marketing tools.
  • 24×7 customer support.

You can easily check whether the product is suitable for you by signing up for the free demo.

2. Hubspot


This software is well-known for its versatility. It is mainly known for its powerful CRM tools. The visual workflow editor makes it easy for you to manage different workflows at the same time. Even though it has everything, the cost is pretty high for startups.

3. Omnisend


This is one of the most useful software for eCommerce merchants. It focuses on the use of various platforms to attract customers and potential leads. It is well-suited for small businesses since it has all the basic features necessary. The interface is popular for being very simple to grasp.

4. Drip


This marketing software is highly capable of delivering effective Facebook Ads. This is more favoured for small organisations that have limited customers. Enterprises use this software as an extra tool and not as the main software.

5. SendinBlue


This is a classic and very simple marketing automation software. The key function of this software is to send SMS that attracts leads. This is one of the highly recommended software for eCommerce merchants and publishers. It also has an SMS autoresponder option to provide quick responses to customers.

6. Keap

. Keap

Most startups opt for this software due to its price. It integrates the features of marketing automation and sales on a single platform. But due to the complex GUI, this marketing automation software is not widely used. But it is useful for startups with very less capital.

7. Autopilot


Managing lead conversions and automating marketing campaigns is the main function of this software. It has tools readily available for multi-channel marketing. You do not have to think about integration with CRM since it already has inbuilt CRM tools.

8. Pardot

. Pardot

This is quite costly when compared to other software listed here. But it is capable of managing complex tasks within a short time. It comes inbuilt with AI-powered tools to enhance your lead’s journey. The only drawback is that it is not very budget-friendly for small organisations.

9. MailChimp


This marketing automation software comes with multi-step custom workflows. This is popular for offering personalisation tools. If you have enough subject knowledge, you can customise this software to do almost any marketing task. The GUI is not very friendly for someone who has no prior experience in marketing.


This is a popular cloud-based marketing automation software. It combines marketing automation and project management under a single roof. Using both the project management and marketing tools, this software can create the best workflows. It has a unique event management feature that is available even in the basic plan.


Before choosing a marketing automation software be sure that it suits your business needs. Almost all marketing software listed here has the common features needed for business growth. Since the budget is also an important deciding-factor, choose one that meets your business needs at an affordable price.

Guest Blog by PeppyBiz

PeppyBiz is an organization that offers software that positively impacts all kinds of businesses. Our software understands your business needs and grows with your business. Check out the features of our marketing automation software here. Or schedule a free demo today, to learn more about the various services we offer.

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