Top 5 content ideas to display on digital signage screens in churches

Top 5 content ideas to display on digital signage screens in churches

While brainstorming for ideas that churches can take up in their efforts to modernize the way they communicate, engage the community and bring down their overhead expenditure, setting up digital signage won’t even be the last thing to cross directly in their minds.

But, by putting digital screens at the palace of worship, congregations can easily gather the attention of existing and new members, reach out to the masses effortlessly while making an impact in the minds of the worshippers that can ring a bell in their minds for a long period.

This growing technology can be used in place of bulletin boards, screens, and backdrops, which will help spread the church’s message and foster a close-knit community. According to stats, 7 out of 10 practising Christian Millenials read scriptures on screens. Here, leveraging digital signage can help in increasing engagement at the time of the sermons.

Why is setting up a church digital signage effective?

Before getting into the ideas of content, you can use on your digital screens, let us first understand why setting up a church digital signage is important?

  • Attracts new visitors, especially millennials and Gen Zs, as anything digitized can potentially ignite the spark of passers’ and first-time visitors.
  • Enhances the experience of the worship as digital signage provides for an immersive experience.
  • Engages the community, and they feel optimistic about being a part of the church and actively participate in its activities.
  • Enhances technological ROI as it requires a lot of resources and time on the part of the church to print and reprint updates and other information.

Top 5 content ideas to display on church digital signage

Share Updates

Using church digital signage to share updates can be an amazing conversation starter. Share updates of what is happening in the world or other updates (if any) relating to religion.

People visit the church with their friends and family to connect better with each other and the community. Here, it might be a great strategy to enhance their experience visiting the church by adding to their knowledge and giving them something of value to take back.

Display Preachings From The Bible Or Quotes

A Church’s digital signage installed at a place of notice can serve greatly to preach about the sayings of the Bible.

This will not only keep the visitors engaged in what’s been displayed but can also keep them actively engaged in worship or motivate them to worship.

Additionally, displaying quotes by renowned priests or other recognized contributors can help keep the community inspired and informed.

For this, you do not have to spend a lot of time on graphics, and you can simply use the ones available on the internet.

Social Wall

Showcase posts created on social media that resonate with or align with your community guidelines or religious values.

You can aggregate content generated across social media channels via an exclusive hashtag of your church, tags, mentions, etc., moderate the content to make it relevant, and showcase the aggregated feed on the digital signage display to let people connect to the church more.

Moreover, it is also an exceptional way to recognize people for their contribution. This will motivate them to create more content further.

Share The Schedule Of The Church

Installing a church’s digital signage can help you share updates effortlessly about the church’s schedule, the timings of the sermon, etc., which can potentially save you from the effort, time, and expenditure incurred on printing pages.

Moreover, the chances of errors will be reduced, and the visitors can be kept up to date and won’t miss out on any program or prayer.

Recognize People

Effectively appreciate people who contribute to the church’s wellbeing by displaying their names and the contributions made by them on digital signage screens.

Talk about your employees, donors, volunteers, community spokespersons, etc., to make them feel special and further motivate them to keep up with their community welfare activities.

Over To You

Church digital signage might not be predominantly popular, but it sure is promising and result-driven. It helps the congregations create an impact on the minds of the visitors by keeping them engaged and wanting to visit the church more often.

Furthermore, it supports the growth of a community as devotees are inspired to participate in the church’s workings, communal activities, and programs.

Digital signage displays can aid in spreading knowledge about the religion and add to the visitors’ knowledge, belief, and wisdom.

So, now that you know the amazing benefits of installing church digital signage, what are you still waiting for?


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