Top 5 Innovations in the Photography Industry

Top 5 Innovations in the Photography Industry

The world of photography is changing all the time. It is a fast-paced industry, as new technologies and trends are coming to the fore often, improving our abilities to take great photos. Gone are the days when you had to carry bulky cameras, now not only you get compact cameras, but with the help of accessorizing like hi pod, you can even capture a live sports match. You can see some of these great photos on great websites including free photo sharing sites. Below, let’s take a look at five of the best innovations that have ever graced the industry of photography. 

Colour photography 

There is only one place to begin when it comes to innovations in the world of photography, and this is with the world’s first colour photo. Born in Scotland in 1831, we have James Clerk Maxwell to thank for this. Known as a physicist and mathematician who unified the electromagnetism theory, Maxwell is also known for generating the first photograph of colour. The photograph was of a tartan ribbon, which Thomas Sutton captured. Three exposures are used through blue, green, and red filters to create this amazing photograph.

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The camera phone 

This is one of the most innovative and latest inventions when it comes to photography. The camera phone has made a monumental difference when it comes to photography because it gives people the ability to capture shots on the go.  We have some incredible shots and moments that have been captured thanks to the invention of the camera phone, which has made photography more convenient than it ever has been. This has also opened up this hobby and passion to so many more people.

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Stroboscopic light

Despite the fact that there was a version of an artificial flashing light created during the late 19th century, it was during the early 30s whereby Harold E. Edgerton, an engineer from Nebraska, came up with a short-duration, repeatable electronic flash. These strobe lights had the capability of firing 120 per every second, meaning they could capture everything from a bullet passing through a playing card to balloons bursting. 

The 35mm revolution 

Another innovation that made a big difference in the world of photography is the 35mm revolution. Photographers were truly liberated when the 35mm film came about. In fact, this re-wrote the entire history of this industry. The UR can be credited as beginning this change, with Leica, and then the Lecia I followed this. In 1932, Contax then got into the game. This was followed in 1934 by the arrival of Kodak and then Canon came on the scene two years later.

The Box Brownie 

Last but not least, we have The Box Brownie, which is a camera that made photography simple and affordable for all. In fact, The Box Brownie has been created as being the first device to create the ‘snapshot’ notion. As it was cheap to process and highly accessible, The Box Brownie really moved the world of photography forward and made a big difference. 

We hope you enjoyed reading about five of the best innovations in the world of photography. It’s clear to see the effect these innovations have brought to our photographs, providing us with easy ways to capture great shots of the world around us.

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