Top 6 Trends In Mobile Gaming Apps

Top 6 Trends In Mobile Gaming Apps

One more year of mobile gaming apps has passed by. Each and every year, we witness a new arrangement of innovation and trends in the mobile gaming app industry. The coming year will also not be any different. By 2022, the revenue generated by mobile apps will reach new heights. The introduction of new technologies and devices will lead to a good competition between different game app developers. They will have to renovate their present game development and promotional strategies.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting you the list of mobile gaming app trends that you as a customer look forward to.

  1.  Expansion Packs act as an addition to the current mobile game

Expansion packs act as a support for console games and high-profile PC. Presently, mobile app developers incorporate expansion packs. This is because; it is one of the best methods to preserve primary game adopters. It is not completely a new concept. This will be more obvious in the coming time period. There has been an increase in the popularity of mobile gaming industry. People visit apple app store and Google play store to download gaming apps like the best Scrabble apps, temple run and ludo-star. Therefore, it is very important to keep the current customers happy instead of spending too much on acquiring new customers.

  1. Increase In Downloading of Mini Games

These games include best scrabble apps, subway surfers, temple run, candy crush, and fruit ninja etc. they do not require lengthy steps to get them installed. They play a main role in helping an increase in user retention and user engagement.

  1. Games Will be Produced For People of All Ages

Majority of the mobile games usually target the younger population. However, this trend is rapidly changing. This is because people are becoming tech-savy with the passage of time. Therefore, developing games for mature adults is the next big thing. Such games include Hitman.  

  1. Decline In The Sales of Xbox and PlayStation

Even though game consoles like Xbox and playstation are becoming better with the passage of time. Each release brings in something new. However, the predicted sales are expected to decline. This is not because they are bad. Nevertheless, they are replaced by the cheaper options on the mobile. People prefer to play games on the mobiles whenever they have free time. Therefore, the mobile gaming apps have targeted the ever-growing market. This trend will continue to stay in the near future.

  1. Revenues From Mobile Games Are Expected To Go Global

 The US comes at the top of the list whenever it comes to mobile gaming apps. However, it still contains just 15% of the entire number of mobile gamers in the world. The main reason is the emergence of new markets like India and China. The developers of mobile game apps will make their presence felt by decreasing the prices. This will lead to an increase in revenue.

  1.  Increase In The Cost Per Installation

The cost connected with looking for new players for gaming apps that generate more profit is extremely high. The cost will increase with an increase in the competition. The most popular franchises and their games will have to pay a heavy cost to discover and retain players.


After viewing the discussion above, it can be concluded that both the mobile app developers and the customers must keep these trends under consideration to produce and download apps. 


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