Top 7 Software to Create Awesome 2D Animation Videos

Top 7 Software to Create Awesome 2D Animation Videos

2D animation is one of the most affordable and effective video types commonly used by every brand. It not only helps in generating visitors’ interest but also boosts the conversion rate. Around 81% of the businesses are creating animated videos to maximize their marketing efforts.

Indeed, there are various video types, but when you surf online, you will most likely see 2D animation videos. Access to professional guidance, team handling your projects, more chances to get excellent results, focus on business areas, expand your options, etc., are some of the compelling reasons that inspire the businesses to choose 2D animation video over others.

A big thanks to video animation software. By choosing the right tool, you can easily produce and publish high-quality 2D animation videos in a small period of time. Well! Selecting the best from the list of thousands is not a cakewalk. So, here is the checklist of top-ranked software that will allow you to produce overwhelming 2D animation videos like a pro.

7 Best 2D Animation Software for 2021

Let’s begin…

1- Synfig

If you are a beginner and want to get started with 2D animation, then you can always choose Synfing. It is both free and easy to use. It offers 50+ layers that will help you create both simple and advanced animations. This open-source tool offers tutorials that will help you learn more about 2D animation software.

It supports multi-layers of content that helps in designing awesome 2D animation videos. Moreover, its high-quality sound support adds an aww element to your videos.

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7 Best 2D Animation Software

2- Maefloresta

Maefloresta is another easy-to-use 2D animation software that is compatible with both Android and iPhone. Yes! You can create appealing 2D animation videos for your personal devices from anywhere.

Say if you want to create funny videos for your friends, then go ahead. You don’t have to buy a single penny to pay for expensive software. Thus, if you are a beginner, then the Maefloresta interface will make you more creative.


3- CelAction2D

Do you want to create truly unique animation projects? You can add CelAction2D software to your bucket list. This software is compatible with OSX, Linux, and Windows. Its low system requirements are fast to use and help you create professional animations in less time.

In this software, you will get a plate of 16 million colors that makes it really easy to give extraordinary looks to your video content. Its multiple camera features and ergonomic control let you work much effectively. So, get ready to give a professional touch to your 2D animation videos with CelACtion2D.


4- Pencil2D

Pencil2D is a cross-platform software that comes with a lot of amazing features. Its intuitive interface allows you to design videos easily. Similar to other software, it is also compatible with Linux, Windows, OSX. The best part is you can get its tutorials in three different languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

This open-source and free software lets you make videos without any hurdles. Moreover, its raster and vector workflow switching and cross-platform compatibility features help beginners to draw something unique and exciting videos.

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5- Opentoonz

Another alternative to 2D video creation is Oentoonz. It is one of the best free tools available in the market. It allows you to give beautiful animation effects for free.

If you are using Opentoonz, you don’t need to have an experience in creating animated videos. Even a beginner can become a professional animator with this tool. By using this software, you can easily update the source code and incorporate Aww elements into your video. Change picture styles, GTS scanning tool, colored scans, distortion, and light effects are some of its features that inspire the users to choose from the list of thousands.


6- ToonBoom Harmony

It is another leading animation software commonly used by the professionals. It is compatible with different systems like Linux, Windows, and OSX. The best part about this software is that you can create both 2D and 3D animation software. You can use this product for free for the first 21 days. After that, you need to pay $109 per month.

With this software, you can create appealing videos that help you showcase stories via 2D images. It offers vector and bitmap tools and imported 3D models that help you produce multiplane scenes via Z-depth. Moreover, its traditional paperless animation and advanced color palettes create videos that stand out from the crowd.

ToonBoom Harmony

7- FlipBook

Last but not least, software that allows you to become more professional and trendy is FlipBook. From drawing images to adding sound effects, you can do it all with this single software. If I talk about its compatibility, then yes, it is compatible with both Windows and OSX.

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If you are a beginner, then you can always plan to add this software to your list. It will not only improve your editing experience but also allows you to make changes in the animation. Scanning cells, making speed paintings, scanning to import images, etc., are some of the features that made this 2D animation software the best.


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8- Desygner Animator Feature

Desygner’s animator is one of the its feature you can use, it allows you to animate your creation without a limitation with just one click. Make your thoughts and designs a reality. Create amazing GIFs and films from scratch or reuse your old Desygner creations. Directly from the site, share them on your social media networks to increase audience interaction.
Not only that. Desygner also offers other features that can help you equipped with a drag and drop feature and access to 125 million shutterstock image and a Background Remover.

The Last Say

Well! Deciding the best 2D video animation software from the list of thousand is not easy. But hopefully, the above checklist will help you make the right decision.

By keeping all the factors in mind, you can realize which tool is right for your business. Now that you have a top list 2D animation software, you can easily give a boost to your boring content by converting it into appealing videos.

Still, if you are confused in deciding which tool is the best fit for your business, feel free to add in the comments below.


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