Top 8 Trends in Technology to look out for in 2021

Top 8 Trends in Technology to look out for in 2021

Imagine waking up to an Amish household with no smartphones to check your WhatsApp messages or a laptop to binge-watch a Netflix series. There’d be no Google with answers to your queries, or an Uber cab to drive you to work. Feels scary, right? Today, especially amid the pandemic crisis, we have understood that technology is intertwined with every walk of our lives and is indispensable.

With digital and mobile technologies taking over the world, things are changing around us. We no longer have to step out and stand on the sidewalk, to hail cabs in the dead of night – thanks to online cab booking apps. Neither do we have to run to get groceries from the supermarket! We can stay put in our home in our PJs and just ‘e-order’ the things we need.

And since technology is dynamic, it booms bigger as you read this. As the adage goes, necessity has been quite the fitting mother of invention. So, in our quest to make our lives a little easier, scientists have achieved some incredible milestones over the last years, and the conquests continue along the journey towards digital transformation. From Cloud to the IoT to Automation – 2020 has been a good year in this front, minus the raging pandemic. As 2021 unravels itself, the whirling world of technology is rumored to bring in new boons for consumers and enterprises.


2021 will be defined by a new class of technologies that are ready to take center stage. Without any further ado, let us look at the top 8 tech trends that will make it big in the coming year!

1. Blockchain will go beyond Crypto

According to a survey conducted by IBM, 35% of the world’s banks will be adopting Blockchain before we approach the end of this year. We all are familiar with Bitcoin and the entire concept of cryptocurrency. Well, that’s all we know about Blockchain technology. However, 2021 is going to be the year when the money market will experiment with Blockchain like never before.  With this technology breaking grounds in the banking, health and education industry, Blockchain will replace intermediaries like brokers, agents, and other middle-men.

2. Virtual Reality will alter mundane lives

Until now, virtual reality was something that added value to the gaming industry. But in 2021, tables will turn with virtual reality being accepted by the masses. VR is going to open new horizons for the education industry with modern classrooms overruling traditional teaching methods and offering advanced assignment help. Beyond the spectrum of education, virtual reality will transform how we shop minus the queues and the crowd. It will give a new definition to human engagement by letting consumers upload photos to check how they would look wearing an outfit before making the final purchase.

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3.  Augmented Reality for smoother lives

What comes to your mind when we say AR? Stanley Kubrick and Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi movies? Or, maybe Iron Man? Well, augmented reality will be that and a lot more. Working in sync with other technologies, Augmented Reality will soon be used by some of the most popular companies to enrich consumer experiences. For instance, let us take Yelp who is already using AR to display reviews of eateries after a phone camera is pointed at the geographical location of a restaurant. The live game Pokémon GO was also the first of its kind with AR being implemented in mobile gaming. Even the spectrum of healthcare is all set to implement AR to display the anatomy of patients. In the home-front, AR will be used to offer a glimpse of a potential house would look like or how a chest of drawers would fit in to the empty nook in your home.

4. Chat-bots will be your go-to friends

With us quarantining within the four walls of our homes, 2020 had found a friend in the amiable voice of Smart Home Assistant named Alexa. And since then, we cannot have enough of chatbots. 38 per cent of people used chatbots regularly in 2020, and the figure will only rise in the coming year. “Chatbots will be the cornerstone of marketing with most companies implementing them on their websites for automated messaging. Since Chatbots offer a front-end interface, companies will be able to use it to communicate with their customers irrespective of the time and in the rain and shine”, says Emilia Eckhart, the digital head of assignment help brand Moreover, following Alexa and Siri’s pun-filled replies, businesses will now use chatbots to give a unique voice to their brands.

5. Automation will break new grounds

We have seen Artificial intelligence(AI) making its presence felt in 2020. With better machine learning algorithms being developed by the minute, automation has a bright future in 2021. With 5G and edge compute joining hands, 2021 will bring us closer to autonomous cars and security drones, thus building a smart city true to its sense. We already have Elon Musk’s brainchild Tesla paving the way for more automotive manufacturers and technology makers into the market. Companies like Intel and Qualcomm are partnering with Volvo and BMW to build an autonomous fleet of digital cars.

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6.  AI & Machine Learning for improved data analytics

2021 will make investing in analytics synonymous to investing in AI. Machine learning will help brands navigate the vast sea of information and put it to good use. Thanks to AI, complex data sets will now be analyzed in a fraction of a second with just a click. Although faster computers contribute, better machine learning algorithms and cloud scaling take the credit. Today’s analytic tools are more intuitive and reliable in the data they project only because of incorporating AI into the framework. As we unfurl 2021, considerable improvements will be made to their speed and accuracy.

7. 5G to go by in a flash!

With telecommunication moguls like Nokia, Qualcomm, and Huawei making the necessary deployments, you can expect 5G phones to finally be a market norm by the end of 2021. If the news is right, then 5G is ten times faster than that of 4G and can transform our daily lives and about every industry that it touches. The real value of 5G will not be limited to phones either, thus making 2021 a year to look forward to for programmers and developers. Besides bringing us all faster broadband speed, 5G will play a key role in building smart cities, vehicles, and many IoT-intensive technologies.

8. IoT to go beyond barriers

Another transformative revolution to bring in waves of disruptive change will be the Internet of Things and its sibling Wi-Fi 6. When paired up with 5G, you can expect the perfect combination of ultra-fast connectivity with speed up to 3x faster. By the end of 2021, it is being said that more than 50 billion devices will be made internet-compatible. Japan, the number one smart-city, has already spoken at length about the benefits of becoming a device-rules city. And we are sure to see the development of many more intelligent cities around the world. IoT is also set to change the interface of business and enhance the quality of social life.

Besides the trends mentioned above, 2021 is also going to open up new vistas for UI. High-end apps and smart bots will dominate the market majorly. If everything goes according to the plan, 2021 will be THE year for all our technological dreams to come true. With the software and hardware development and better languages being used to write these technological trends, it is sure to open up a vast spectrum from various job opportunities too.

Here’s to 2021! Let’s wait to see what the year has in store for us!

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