Top Advantages That Made Cryptocurrency so Much Popular

Top Advantages That Made Cryptocurrency so Much Popular

Bitcoin is not new and not quite long-lived. It has been around for eight years now and is only four years old. It is a valid alternative to dollars and can be compared to gold. Since it can be used to buy anything from electronics to insurance policies and even travel, it has many uses. The cryptocurrency has also been blamed for many crimes including illegal mining, corruptions of social institutions, and blackmail.

Better investment

Bitcoin has many advantages over traditional currency. It can be used to pay for any purchase, and although there are many obstacles in the way, it will be a great method to earn money. As a personal investment, it is a great way to invest small amounts in a large quantity that can grow very fast. If you want more information regarding this, you can go through the bit qs to better understand it.

Faster transactions

There is an exchange that is only ten minutes away from campus. This brings its advantages of having the ability to convert any country to a fraction of a bitcoin and having 24/7 customer support.


Security is of huge concern when it comes to bitcoin, however, it has been beaten in its path to success, many times. In the US alone, there are over 2 million bitcoin wallets with over six million dollars’ worth of bitcoins. Compared to five percent in 2016, that is quite a lot.


The currencies’ value is extremely volatile, and the falling of the dollar right now is only driving up prices. This is most likely why everyone from your friends to your parents has heard about the new currency.

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Exchange options

Coinbase is an American company that has designed the system for the Coinbase exchange. This exchange lets the user open a Coinbase wallet and, through it, convert US dollars into bitcoin. The security of the exchange has been confirmed, however, because it is so new and the transaction system is not yet up to code. Coinbase also allows users to buy bitcoin and coins, or have their own personal trading account.

More acceptability

Companies that have also tried to improve bitcoin’s security & both of these are more private than and customers are able to do more private transactions. It is possible to use both to buy and sell digital currency. Bit shares is a cryptocurrency that is backed by the value of the work of independent engineers who use their own computers to develop a new type of blockchain technology. The idea is similar to bitcoin, but smaller and released several months before bitcoin.

Digital currency

It can also be used as a currency and has a bigger network. Another important advantage that it has is that unlike bitcoin it cannot be stolen or counterfeited. The blockchain in bit shares is where all the transactions are logged and trusted. Users are guaranteed a high level of privacy and security. Despite having a high number of features, none of them can be compared to the privacy and protection that Bitcoin provides.

Legal way to transaction

Bitcoin’s advantages have proven to be beneficial to many people. The United States has even recognized the currency as legal tender and established a national digital currency, like bitcoin.

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Due to the amount of turmoil in the economy and the threats to our security, bitcoin will serve as an excellent currency in the future. It offers a high level of anonymity and the confidence that no one can gain control of the money.

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