Top Causes of Car AC Leaks

If you always find wet spots on the floor of your car, it could be because of a leak from the air conditioner. Air conditioner leaks happen for different reasons. Therefore, if you think the AC is leaking, it is vital to address the issue as soon as possible since it can extend to other problems. It is important to know why the AC is leaking and what to do. Before you learn about the causes, check where the water drips from first.

Leaking from Outside the Vehicle

It is normal for the AC to leak from outside on a hot day. Actually, the units are designed to allow water to the outside of the car. The cool air causes condensation, and the air turns into liquid. Therefore, puddles of water outside the vehicle are normal when it is hot. However, if you notice the volume of the leaks is increasing, you may want to check the problem.

Leaking from Inside the Vehicle

If there are leaks from the inside, there is a problem. The issue could be from the AC or somewhere else. It could be excess corrosion, poor window sealing, etc. check if the wet spot is close to the AC. It will also be a good idea to have the AC checked by an expert to rule out the unit.

Causes of AC Leaks

  • Leaking Evaporator

Debris can reach the evaporator through the vents, and the dirt causes corrosion and rust when it breaks down. With time, the evaporator starts to leak water. If there is also a smell from the AC, it could mean debris in the evaporator bay. In that case, you will need car aircon repair, which involves replacing the evaporator.

  • Blocked Air Filters
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Air filters in the air conditioner accumulate dust and dirt. This is why you need to check them regularly, clean and have them replaced. When the filters collect dust and stay that way for a long time, it freezes up the evaporator coils, which causes an overflow in the drain. Therefore, ensure the filters are clean. You can get a professional to clean and service them once a year or as the manufacturer recommends. It will help keep the air clean and improve the air conditioner’s efficiency.

  • Faulty Seals

Another reason why the AC is leaking is because of faulty seals. If the rubber and plastic seals in the system are not properly placed, water can leak from the unit into the vehicle. You will notice the leaks on the floor close to the passenger sides.

  • Blocked Evaporation Drain

Excess water and water produced from condensation leave the vehicle through the evaporation drain. That is why you notice puddles of water on the outside on a hot day. Unfortunately, the drain can get clogged with debris, dust, and dirt, causing backflow. The water goes through the vents into the vehicle, causing the wet spots. Therefore, you need a professional to check the drain and unclog it. It will allow water to flow outside. Allowing water to flow prevents damaging the electrical system and other components in the AC.

Wrapping Up:

Your AC may leak water sometimes. However, if you notice too much water inside the vehicle every time you turn on the AC, it is best to consult an expert. Your AC might be broken or might need a simple fix.

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