Top iOS App Development Tools in 2021

Top iOS App Development Tools in 2021

With the advent of technology that is majorly focused on mobile apps, stakes have been higher than ever. Mobile apps have become the banking option for many companies on the go. Where applications are concerned, it is a well-known fact that developers need the best of app development tools that allow them to build applications resourcefully.

Creating a mobile app has become more accessible and way more convenient than it ever was. The presence of tools and guidance over a specific programming language is making it easier for every developer to come up with mobile applications.

Considering the 728 million iPhones that are being used worldwide, iOS app developers have been in high demand.

Beginning with a development project might sound easy, but it can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. Regardless of whether you’re a professional iOS developer or a beginner in the field, exploring the different tools on the internet might take away all the essential time which can be utilized in a better way.

To help you out with the same, we have come up with a list of top iOS app development tools in 2020.

Programming language

Unlike Android, where developers can use a lot of programming language for their app development, iOS app development is limited to two core languages – Swift and Objective-C. Besides having their own set of rules, these applications are one of the most reliable sources for iOS application development.

  1. Swift

A recent addition to the iOS app development tool, Swift is a language that focuses on the advanced development of applications.

It is a highly reliable programming language and is focused on improved outputs. Lately, swift has become so popular for iOS app development that Apple released the Swift 5 programming language with a stable Application Binary Interface (ABI) and binary compatibility.

Swift is a reliable source as it is widely used in several applications, including the likes of Firefox and WordPress iOS applications.

  1. Objective C

The first programming language to be used by Apple for their application development, Objective-C language has been around for a long time.

Initially authorized by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Objective-C was used in NeXT PCs during the 1980s. Later, this language was adapted for Apple.

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App Design

Following programming language tools are the app design for iOS applications. It is an established fact that iOS app developers are known to create complex application structures. To help you overcome the same, listed below are the top app design tools for your next iOS application development:

  1. Hyperion

Arguably the best iOS developer toolkit when you are focused on design and structure.

This iOS development tool allows the users to develop their application over a selection of three different modules. Namely:

  • View investigator (correct and overview the properties of the perspectives)
  • Moderate activity module (to decrease the overall movement speed)
  • Measure module (to segregate the separation of two perspectives)
  1. Flawless

As the name suggests, Flawless is for the developers who want to develop iOS applications with complete control and overview.

It allows the developers to analyze, compare, and implement iOS app design before they have finally executed their application. The flawless tool is a perfect choice for analytical insight as it comes with XCode, allowing the developers to compare the old and new design simultaneously.

Top Libraries

The suggested development resources will allow you to tap into a large number of libraries. Listed below are the best top libraries options to help you out with your next iOS development project:

  1. CocoaPods

One of the vastest reliance resources for programming, CocoaPods functions with Swift Cocoa ventures and Objective-C.

Available with up to 59,000 libraries, Its wide user base with over 3,000,000 applications that have utilized CocoaPods for the frameworks allows the iOS developers to tap into a broad network of development resources.

  1. SDWebImage

As the name suggests, the SDWebImage library is a reliable application for non-concurrent picture downloading. It comes with some of the best features to include in iOS applications. Its downloader accompanies store support too.

SDWebImage makes the use of PNG, JPEG, and GIF picture positions. This application also makes the use of additional underpins like WebP and vivified WebP groups.

Backend Services

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Backend is an important aspect when it comes to development of an application. Listed below are some of the applications to help you out with the same

  1. Firebase

A reliable BaaS  (Backend-as-a-Service), Firebase is a reliable backend tool. It provides the users with multiple functionality of a datastore, and API simultaneously.

It frees the developer from the struggles of composing any backend code. This software allows developers to store and sync information simultaneously.


  1. Parse

Parse is an open-source platform that helps the developers with auto-scaling of their projects and also helps them with automated reinforcements over their application development

Editors & IDEs

Listed below are the essential set of Editors for iOS app development:

  1. XCode

The very first editor included by Apple, XCode is an IDE for macOS devices. The application is compatible with several programming languages and comes with a source code checker.

  1. AppCode

Created by JetBrains, AppCode uses languages like C++, Objective C, Swift, JavaScript, and XML among others..

It is a key testing unit that helps with smart code assistance in correcting codes.

Top Plugins

  1. Injection

One of the best plugins for Xcode, Injection helps with the execution of Objective-C classes.

  1. Finestructure Copilot

Finestructure CoPilot is another great application that allows the developers to team up with different designers in the process of development..

iOS Tools for Debugging

Troubleshooting is one of the most essential parts of developing an application. However, things are different over iOS applications. To help you out with the same, here are certain suggestions on the same.

  1. Parse

An open-source platform, Parse helps with AWS and comes along with wide database files for auto-scaling, and mechanized reinforcements.

  1. Raygun

Raygun is another great application for troubleshooting and debugging iOS apps. It is an inline SDK that offers smart reporting in the development process.


Developing applications can be easy if you have the right tools at your disposal. With our list of app development tools that cover you on almost every major step of development, we hope you come up with the next chart-topping product.

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