Top Trade Secrets About Slots You Don’t Know About

Top Trade Secrets About Slots You Don’t Know About

Best Ways to Win At Slot Machines

Ask any gambler out there and they’ll tell you that slot machines are a staple in every casino, so much so than all the other games combined. Though most would claim that they know slot machines inside and out, we think otherwise –– here’s a compilation of the top-trade slot machine secrets that casinos won’t let you in on. Playing online? Here’s where you can play free online slots.

Slot Machine Placements

Data on each square-inch of the casino is carefully gathered, analysed, and calculated by the casino gaming department to generate a full traffic report on the entire landscape. The highest-yield slot machines are then strategically placed in the areas with the most traffic, so as to attract and retain the most customers. This means that the more prominent the spot the slot machine is placed at, the more it brings in money for the casino, and the more disadvantageous it is for the player.

If you want to play at a slot machine with a better value for money, we recommend heading to the obscure corners of the casino. You’ll probably have a much better experience there.

Unequal Payoffs

Classic reel slots are generally more low maintenance than their more attractive counterpart, the video slot machines, resulting in classic machines enjoying significantly higher payoffs and lesser maintenance fees than the other slot machines. This disparity is further aggravated by the diminishing popularity of classic reel games, which forces the casino to increase its payout rate to attract and retain novice gamblers. As such, we recommend conducting some research on the casino’s slot payout rates, particularly if the casino is especially popular.

They Won’t Reward You

The biggest cons casinos can have are promising certain forms of player reward, player satisfaction, and free money –– all out of supposed ‘love’ and ‘appreciation’ for their customer. These rewards exist not because they genuinely feel like thanking their customers, but to hook you in and retain you as a customer.

Bet Big, Not Small

It may seem like a conflict of interest, but betting big actually will increase your bonuses and jackpots to max out your winning odds to the fullest. Though it may not make a significant difference, continuously betting small will only give you a smaller and worse payout rate. However, be mindful not to bet more than you can handle –– this would only result in you falling prey to the casino.

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Avoid Class 2 Slots

If you ever come across Class 2 slots at racinos or Native Indian reservations, be aware that they are pre-programmed bingo games and not actual slot machines. This is because Class 3 slots are illegal in these jurisdictions, causing game manufacturers to create a slot machine lookalike as an alternative for slot machine hungry players. Be on the lookout for a minuscule bingo card located at the bottom corner of the Class 2 slot –– it’s a giveaway sign that’ll tell you that you’re engaging in bingo, not slots.

Avoid Class 2 Slots

You Can’t Guess Your Probability

There is no way to guess the probability of getting a particular number in your next spin. Each spin exists independently of the next one, and the previous one. Even if you were to win the jackpot, there is no guarantee that you’ll win on the next one. Players, beware! The myth of slots being “hot” or “cold” is spread by casinos to trick players into believing they should gamble more.

Your Movements Are Being Watched

Every single one of your movements is being recorded, analysed, and collected by the casinos. From the second you insert your card in to pay, to your first round at the slot machine –– the software is picking up and sending information to the marketing department. In the near future, we predict that casinos will begin using facial recognition and security infrastructure to track and record players’ gambling play, as well as for profiling and identification purposes. This can be slightly unnerving as whilst gambling companies only get more and more intrusive in their marketing, the privacy for the player only gets lesser and lesser.

Payout Tickets Are Handed To The Bank

Instead of dispensing players’ cash payouts, casinos have gradually progressed to giving out tickets to exchange for cash. Casinos might argue differently, but we believe this is done because gamblers are psychologically proven to play more with tickets or chips, as compared to cash. Hence, the replacement of cash with tickets or chips is done to dissociate the player away from the concept of money, which allows them to make faster and bigger bets. The next time you hold a ticket, we recommend immediately cashing out to get back the money after each round.

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Fast, Faster and Fastest Games

A surefire tactic that casinos implement to increase their profit and efficiency is to quicken the playing process –– the quicker the player finishes a game, the higher the yield it can garner at the end of the day. One such illustration would be the removal of arms and levers in slot machines, done in favour of buttons to hasten and increase the efficiency of the process per spin.


The bottom line for casinos is to get their players to move as quickly as possible –– the more spins, there are on the slot machines, the higher the odds for the casinos to make money.

The next time you encounter a slot machine, take your time to sit down and play. Fight for your entertainment value, and don’t succumb to their money-making strategies!

Your Happiness is Manufactured

Remember the happiness you feel whenever you see a slot machine? Unfortunately for you, it’s most probably created through careful engineering by a team of psychologists and researchers who select particular movements, graphics, colours and sounds designed to boost a player’s serotonin levels.

Contrary to popular belief, this may not necessarily be a bad thing for all players. On one hand, playing a game designed to boost happiness for your entertainment will only enhance your player experience with the machine. On the other hand, gamblers who face addiction problems will find it hard to quit the ‘high’ feeling gambling gives them.

Double Check Your Winnings

It comes as no surprise that slot machines are not the most honest out there. More often than not, knowing that you’ve won is not enough –– you need to double-check the amount you won. This is because some spins have resulted in less money than the player’s initial bet, but have labelled it as a ‘win’ regardless. These casinos often cover it up with graphic animation and little jingle to distract the player and indicate a win; hence, it is important to not get carried away and double-check everything.

The Lure of Progressive Jackpots

If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. The most common mistake novice players make is to associate the million-dollar progressive jackpot wins as exclusively for this machine, which hooks them in to play for hours and hours for a glimpse of the prize. However, this grand prize is split into winnings across hundreds of thousands of slot machines –– whilst the casino you’re at probably has no share in the prize.


No matter what the casino may promise you, don’t forget that it exists only to make a profit. Everything comes at a price, so don’t get fooled by false promises and distractions.

Game over

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