Transmissions 201: An Advance Guide To Transmission Replacement

When eyeing ways to improve their vehicle’s performance, engine upgrades are a logical place to start. Besides full engine assemblies, electronic fuel injection mods allow finer control over engine functionality and fuel delivery. However, these aren’t the only available options for enhancing power generation and delivery.

Boosting Transmission Performance

When it comes to routing power to your vehicle’s drivetrain and wheels, its transmission matters just as much as its engine. After all, the transmission routes engine power directly to the drivetrain and determines how it should be applied. Whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic type, upgrades can make a huge difference in performance. Aftermarket transmissions come in many different styles. You can find new, remanufactured and performance models to meet your needs.

Remanufactured Transmissions

A remanufactured transmission is not the same as a used transmission. They’re reconditioned and reconstructed from high-quality components, resulting in units that meet or exceed OEM standards. Each rebuilt transmission is dismantled and completely cleaned by qualified technicians, then restored with the best components and upgrades available. The finished unit is then inspected and rigorously tested to confirm functionality and performance.

Rebuilt transmissions come in manual and automatic versions. For example, ATK models such as the 4L60-E and the 6L80 are automatic units reconstructed to original specs. These are among ATK’s highest-rated products made for a wide range of GM vehicles. Each ATK transmission is put through meticulous testing and simulations before being released onto the market. Other key selling points of ATK transmissions include updated throttle valves, pressure regulator valves and governor plugs for better lubrication, gear shifting and overall performance on the road.

Improving Air Intake

While you’re considering ways to mod your vehicle, don’t overlook its exterior. While replacement body panels can include side pieces, bumpers and fenders, hoods offer potential upgrade capabilities. An aftermarket hood not only improves your vehicle’s appearance but can also enhance airflow to your engine.

Induction Hood Styles

Hood upgrades include cowl and air ram models. Cowl hoods integrate one or two air scoops into their constructions. With this design, the hood allows more air to enter the engine bay via its air inductors. This naturally makes more oxygen available to mix with fuel, combust and power the engine. Thanks to the wide variety of choices, you can easily find a Ford, GMC, Jeep or Chevy cowl hood that fits your vehicle’s specs and delivers solid performance.

Air ram hoods achieve the same goal but do so with a different design. These hoods use ram pressure, generated by the motion of your vehicle, to increase static pressure within a vehicle’s intake manifold. They typically consist of a raised portion or a couple of depressions in the top surface, paired with slender air induction ports.

Where To Shop for Your Upgrades

Whether you’re considering a transmission replacement, a new hood, an electronic fuel injection upgrade of improved exhaust components, you need to shop for these upgrades at a trustworthy retailer of aftermarket parts and accessories. Look for an extensive collection of superior-grade products and customer service expertise to help you choose the best ones for your vehicle.


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