Turnkey software development

Turnkey software development

New or updated old software is an essential business tool that always elevates a modern company to the highest level among competitors. We know how to improve our customer turnover and reduce customer churn, which is why we offer Turnkey software development and any other smart products that drive profitable growth.

We have been working in the IT services market for more than a year, and we can guarantee the effectiveness of our applications with an accurate prediction of the result. We offer only scalable platforms that can be filled with new data and content as your company grows. With us, you do not have to constantly upgrade the software, as we guarantee an impeccable service and long-term cooperation for a reasonable price.

What are the stages for the development of new turnkey software do we offer our customers?

When a potential customer contacts our company, we offer him the following basic scheme of interaction focused on a positive result:

  • Familiarization with the project, coordination of the terms of reference, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of the customer and setting the main goals and objectives.
  • Formation of a team that will deal with our customer’s project, brainstorming, determining work plans, budgeting, calculating the estimated cost of the entire product, determining the timing of intermediate and final software launches with the introduction of a customer into the business management system. This stage, as a rule, is completed by signing an agreement with our customer.
  • The beginning of the development of an intellectual product, the creation of the architecture and the main model of the future application, the verification of the operation of algorithms, and the development and implementation of our own program codes, in which we always invest the working capital of the company.
  • Creation of web design, user settings, convenient interest, loading of security elements, and implementation of cloud technologies with multi-stage encryption, which is especially important for the introduction of new software in the field of financial services to the population.
  • Integration of new software into our customer’s business management system, cold launch, and product testing.
  • Identification of errors and inaccuracies, debugging the product, setting up, adding previously unaccounted for options, and final commissioning of the software.
  • Launching the product in normal mode, conducting briefing and training of personnel, master classes on the nuances of effective software operation.
  • Registration of warranty service for 12 months from the date of software launch, customer service support, and answers to various questions about the operation of a new product for members of the business owner’s team.
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All services are provided under an official contract, our team employs only highly qualified programmers, engineers, marketers, managers, and designers who are ready to quickly solve any user problem, if necessary, quickly release an upgrade or release of the product, and also help with scaling when disclosing software, which will ensure the rapid projected growth in profits.

The main advantages of working with our company

Before applying to our company, most of the customers come on the recommendations of their partners and contractors. However, some business owners often analyze other competing companies on the market and send out identical technical specifications for them in order to receive profitable commercial offers. We constantly get questions about why we are better than our competitors, as every software developer strives to provide the customer with the best service for a reasonable price. We adhere to the following principles of interaction with the customer, which guarantees us the most advantageous advantages over most competitors, such as:

  • Thanks to our experience and qualifications, we can accurately estimate the time and budget, and the amount of investment required for software development. The contract is based on an exact calendar schedule and a protocol for agreeing on the contract price.
  • Before starting work, we audit the already installed system at the customer, identify outdated clusters, algorithms, and program codes, and also set clear goals with a focus on results, as well as business development and customer profit growth.
  • We develop new software or are ready to upgrade your old intelligent systems to increase their efficiency.
  • We constantly partially invest our own funds in the development of your intellectual product and install our own program codes for our company. Thus, we are always ready to share your risks, which also strongly encourages us to achieve a positive result.
  • For the development team, not only the product implementation algorithm is important, but also the analysis of general business plans, as well as the current activities of the enterprise. Only on the basis of the information received, we can say exactly which developments will work effectively in your software environment.
  • When brainstorming and planning future work on a project, we highlight stages in the schedule without risk coverage. This means that we predict the effectiveness of the software in advance and in time we can offer the client to radically change the principle in building and implementing applications. This reduces the risks to our customer, who is also always confident in the correctness of our decision-making.
  • Our team has a horizontal management style that is typical for creative modern businessmen. We do not have a clear hierarchy and division by specialty. Despite the fact that most of the staff has a certain specialty – a programmer, engineer, designer, but they can all express their own ideas, which will be taken into consideration. According to many years of observations, such a scheme of internal interaction in a team increases the chances of producing a high-quality and effective intellectual product.
  • We are a completely flexible developer and always evaluate design changes during the implementation of the project on the part of the customer. We are ready to consider new ideas and implement them in the implementation of our project. Each online or face-to-face meeting can be held in the presence of the customer, who can become a member of the nightly creative team during the development and implementation of the product.
  • We adhere to the principle of instant payback of the product, and therefore, we immediately implement even a cold version into the business management system. This, on the one hand, allows you to quickly identify errors and eliminate them, on the other hand, business owners begin to use software to improve the efficiency of the company already at the development stage.
  • Unlike many competitors, we provide a guarantee for free maintenance, adjustments, and bug fixes for 1 year from the date of launch of the software.
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Our team has been developing turnkey software for many years, and our customers, individuals, individual entrepreneurs, or heads of large businesses, leave only positive feedback about us, which ensures our success in the market among competitors.

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