Unveiling the Power of White Labeling in WordPress: An Extensive Guide

Unveiling the Power of White Labeling in WordPress: An Extensive Guide

Customization and branding are two of the most pivotal aspects of any website that are needed to survive and thrive in the growing digital world. Hence, many businesses, agencies, developers, and entrepreneurs like you have started focusing on including these elements in their WordPress sites. And the best way to achieve this is through white label WordPress.

What is it? White label WordPress is an approach in which you can customize and deliver websites and other services to your clients under their own branding. Here, you eliminate your own WordPress branding and replace it with the client’s branding, thus offering the agency an exclusive online presence that works well for their potential audience.

In the case of white labeling WordPress, you change the logo, login screen, dashboard, and more things that come under branding with the respective business’s branding. You still use WordPress; however, all of this will appear as if it was made by a particular company.

Various businesses and startups have already started offer white-label WordPress development services to agencies, startups, etc., worldwide. Why do they provide white label WordPress? The main reason is that they want to deliver the best service in WordPress and generate revenue.

In this blog, we will discuss the essence of white labeling in WordPress, and how you can white label WordPress for your clients. Lastly, we will walk you through some of the best practices for white labeling WordPress.

So, let’s get started.

What is White Labeling in WordPress?

White labeling WordPress is a unique approach to tailor the WordPress platform and its offerings to showcase your unique branding. This process comprises modifying the logos, color schemes, and other visual elements that align well with the brand identity.

By integrating your logo and personalized touches into the WordPress backend dashboard, you create a customized experience for your clients, effectively removing all WordPress branding from both the frontend and backend of the site.

Moreover, white labeling extends to modifying email notifications and error messages, ensuring that every client interaction is branded consistently. This strategy empowers agencies and WordPress professionals to manage client projects discreetly, with clients remaining unaware that WordPress powers their websites.

Ultimately, white labeling transforms the WordPress experience into one that is entirely your own, reinforcing your brand across all client touchpoints.

3 Effective Ways to White Label in WordPress

Embarking on the journey of white labeling WordPress is a transformative process that enables businesses to craft a unique and branded experience for their clients. This customization helps reinforce brand identity, and offers a seamless user interface that feels entirely bespoke.

Below, we explore three effective methods to achieve a white-labeled WordPress environment, each catering to different levels of technical expertise and business needs.

Method 1: Leveraging the Best Plugins & Themes

The simplest and most accessible way to white label WordPress is by utilizing plugins and themes designed for this purpose. These tools allow for extensive customization without the need for deep coding knowledge.

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1. White Label CMS Plugin

A cornerstone in white labeling, this plugin offers comprehensive options to customize the WordPress admin area, including the dashboard, menus, and login page, effectively making the backend your own.

The plugin even lets you include your branding in the header and footer. It even allows you to control how menus appear on the website. You can hide menus for specific users.

2. Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin

With this plugin, you can tailor the admin dashboard by adjusting colors, adding custom logos, modifying the admin bar, and enhancing the brand presence within the WordPress dashboard.

The plugin offers a range of customization options along with a simple and user-friendly interface to modify all these things in your WordPress site.

3. WPMU DEV Branda Plugin

Branda is your go-to option for a completely customized WordPress experience, offering branding options from the login screen to the admin bar, and everything in between.

The plugin lets you customize the news feed and meta widgets. It even allows you to customize various things in the frontend, such as the Author Box, Cookie Notice, Database Error Message, Header Content on every page, and more.

The best thing about this WordPress plugin is that it lets you customize various things on the website without touching the code.

Apart from the WordPress plugins, you can even white label WordPress by using various themes. Here, we will discuss two of them.

4. Material – White Label WordPress Admin Theme

Transform the admin dashboard with the most advanced and elegant WordPress theme. The plugin comes with a sleek, modern, aesthetic user interface that lets you customize various things in your website to ensure it aligns with your brand’s visual identity.

The theme comes with 100 Elegant themes, 20+ Custom Dashboard Widgets, and more to customize various things on the website.

5. Legacy – White Label WordPress Theme

A theme that offers an elegant solution for those looking to rebrand the frontend of their WordPress site, ensuring a consistent user experience that reflects your brand.

Apart from the white label branding functionality, the theme has 25 elegant themes, and lets you create your personalized theme. The theme enables you to customize the login screen, admin menu, top bar, buttons, forms, text, color, etc.

Method 2: Manually White Label WordPress

For those who prefer a hands-on approach or require a level of customization beyond what plugins offer, manually white labeling WordPress is a viable path. This method involves:

Customizing the Login Screen

Modify the login page with your logo and brand colors to create a first impression that resonates with your brand.

Branding the WordPress Site

Adjust the admin dashboard’s appearance by customizing logos, colors, and the admin footer to reflect your brand identity fully.

Editing the Function.php File

For more in-depth customizations, editing the function.php file allows for alterations in functionalities and further branding opportunities.

Here are the simple steps to edit the Function.php file in WordPress.

  • Ensure you take a backup of your entire WordPress site to prevent data loss.
  • Now, you can edit the .PHP file using the WP File Manager plugin, or directly from the cPanel.
  • You can even discover the functions.php file in your/public_html/example.com/wp-content/theme-name directory.
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Method 3: Choosing one of the Best White Label Service Providers

For businesses looking for a comprehensive solution with minimal involvement, partnering with a white label service provider is an excellent option. These providers offer a range of services from complete site development to ongoing management, all under your brand name.


It is a leading white-label WordPress agency. They offer everything from WordPress design, development, support & maintenance, optimization, and marketing at a fixed cost.

They have a team of more than 100+ WordPress professionals who have delivered next-gen WordPress solutions for 200+ small to big agencies worldwide.

In short, UnlimitedWP specializes in providing white-label WordPress services tailored for agencies looking to scale their offerings without increasing overhead.

Pronto Marketing

They offer a full suite of white label services, including website development, maintenance, and marketing strategies.

It is a full-service WordPress management and digital marketing company that designs, builds, and maintains sites for small to medium-scale businesses.


It focuses on scalability and efficiency, providing white-label services designed to grow your business exponentially. These include WordPress theme development, custom plugin development, WordPress commerce solutions, etc.


Delivers high-quality WordPress development and customization services, ensuring your projects are professionally handled and branded as your own. They offer various services, such as Shopify development, Drupal development, Webflow development, etc.


A reliable partner for ongoing WordPress support and maintenance, keeping your client sites up to date and secure under your brand.

Best Practices for White Label WordPress Development

When embarking on a white label WordPress project, certain best practices ensure the venture’s success and longevity. These strategies are crucial for maintaining a high-quality standard, enhancing your brand’s value, and ensuring client satisfaction. Here are some key practices to follow:

Improve the Branding Opportunities

Maximizing branding opportunities is at the heart of white labeling. Every element of the WordPress site, from the login page to the dashboard and email notifications, should resonate with your brand’s identity. This cohesive branding effort reinforces your brand’s presence and value to your clients, making every interaction memorable and uniquely tied to your business.

Offers a Range of Customization Options

Flexibility in customization is what sets a superior white label WordPress service apart. A broad spectrum of customization options allows businesses to cater to diverse client needs and preferences.

Whether through customizable themes, plugins, or manual coding, your ability to adapt and tailor the WordPress experience to match specific branding requirements is invaluable.

Better Scalability and Flexibility

A successful white label WordPress development project is built with scalability and flexibility in mind. As your client base grows and their needs evolve, your white label solutions should be able to adapt and expand. This means choosing plugins, themes, and service providers that offer updates, support, and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and technologies.

Final Thoughts

White labeling WordPress presents a golden opportunity for businesses to amplify their brand identity while delivering customized, powerful websites to their clients.

By adopting effective white labeling methods, adhering to best practices, and focusing on creating a seamless branded experience, agencies, and developers can unlock new growth avenues.

Whether through plugins, manual customization, or partnering with service providers, the potential to transform and elevate WordPress into a branded asset is immense. Embrace white labeling as a strategic tool, and watch your business flourish digitally.

Author’s Bio:

Ronik Patel is the CEO & Founder of UnlimitedWP, A White Label WordPress Development Agency located in Boston, USA offers Unlimited WordPress tasks for digital and web agencies at a fixed monthly cost.

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