Using Life Experience Degrees for Two Unique Sectors

Using Life Experience Degrees for Two Unique Sectors

Have you heard about a life experience degree? If you have, the information that reached you may have been false, prompting you to view said degree in a negative light. How do we know? Because it has long been a point of contention among believers and naysayers. Why is that?

Some people claim that life experience degrees are fake, that no school ever issues such degrees, and that people cannot use the degrees to apply for jobs. On the other hand, some people say they were able to apply for college using said degrees. Some were even able to land the job of their dreams after submitting the degrees to employers.

A great thing about a life experience degree is that it acknowledges your experience in a specific field. For instance, if you went straight to work after graduating from high school, you can use the skills and knowledge you gained from that job to apply for college, earn a distance learning degree, or apply for a better-paying job. You can browse this site to learn more about this unique degree.

This article will discuss two polar opposite fields where you can use online life experience degrees for further studies or apply for jobs.

Exploring Post-Military Careers with a Degree Based on Life Experience

After a stint in the military, transitioning to civilian life is one of the most significant concerns of military service members who want to retire prematurely from the service. One of the best ways to ensure a smooth and happy transition is to keep earning a paycheck. If you are an ex-military, there are some excellent potential work areas to consider as your next career destination, and we will discuss a few of them here.

Choosing a New Field

One of the best things about going into the military is that after a twenty-year tour of duty, you can actually retire with full benefits and seriously entertain plans of pursuing a second career. This is especially true when you have received top-notch training during those twenty years and gone through different assignments that provide diverse experiences.

In general, there are three unique areas of expertise where military personnel could do very well: logistics, machinery operation, and security. A fourth option would be to apply for a government job. When veterans and former military personnel take an exam, they are often given a 10-point bonus enabling them to get a job easier than it would be for ordinary people.

Therefore, choosing a new field is not as tricky as you would think, and you may find yourself very qualified to do at least seven highly paid civilian jobs.

  • Program Manager in Aviation or Aerospace. This job involves managing, planning, and scheduling operations for businesses where planes are involved. The annual salary for this job would be an average of $113,526. A bachelor’s degree and relevant experience would be required.
  • Management Consultant. A management consultant provides external expertise to make companies run more smoothly and productively. Management consultants usually have bachelor’s degrees in engineering, finance, or business. The average pay for this post is $88,016.
  • Senior Systems Engineer. A senior systems engineer helps set up and support the computer networks of companies. This job requires expert knowledge of both the hardware and the software needed by the groups they are working with. This position pays $107,602 a year, on average.
  • Security Consultant: Computing / Networking / Information Technology. Most former military service members are very comfortable with this field since they are familiar with the importance of making data secure. A person in this position would be given the task of designing and implementing security systems. Essential to this $85,430 per year job would be a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is essential.
  • Intelligence Analyst. A non-military intelligence analyst helps solve crime by creating suspects’ profiles, figuring out criminal activity patterns and maps, and investigating criminal histories and other information. For this $76,601 per year job, a degree in criminology is commonly required.
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager. People in this position are concerned with logistics and the overall picture of operations and management. The safety manager must know what standards the law requires regarding environmental health and safety. Then this manager must train employees and check compliance with these standards. A bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or a related field is a typical requirement for this $105,112 job.
  • Project Manager, Manufacturing. The project manager is the person in charge of seeing to it that work and production flow smoothly. This person would be responsible for figuring out the staff needed and scheduling them, designing a budget, and seeing project implementation’s overall efficiency. This $74,968 typically requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering or business.

You may need to update your knowledge and skills through further studies to equip yourself for any of the civilian jobs mentioned above by applying for an appropriate college course. If you have an online life experience degree, you may use it to apply for school, and the school will grant you additional credits for it. On the other hand, you may use it to apply for any job of your choosing straightaway.

Remember when we mentioned that the fields we will be discussing are polar opposites? In the following section, we will be covering another career where a life experience degree may be relevant – event planning.

The Importance of an Event Planning Degree

Many people have ventured into the event planning business since it is proving to be very lucrative. What is more, it is a fun job. There is never a dull moment when you are into event planning. However, these days, if you want to be a successful event planner, you must have an event planning degree to your name. Why is that? Because competition is rife. You will surely want to prove yourself to potential clients and show them why they should hire you.

Events organization has become a separate trade that is becoming more and more exciting every year. It has grown into a full-fledged industry from being merely a small segment of companies’ complex marketing programs. As an event planner, you can now work for firms or operate as an independent consultant. With a degree, you will have more of that “right” and the freedom to choose to work for a firm or do it on your own. You will also have the qualifications to flaunt to prospective clients and get their approval and confidence easily and more quickly.

The field of event planning is truly diverse. That is one reason why special degree courses are provided for it. Those who want to be expert event planners would have the chance to hone and develop their event planning skills. Having a degree that focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to create successful events will give clients a solid reason to hire you. Even if you have the natural ability to organize events and parties, proof that you have undergone extensive training will convince potential clients even more that you are the one they should go to.

Event planning degree programs give those who would like to make events organization their profession not just the experience they need to land a much-coveted party planning job, but also to get proper and thorough training to handle all the tasks related to the business. Eventually, they will also gain the confidence to do all the challenges of the job.

The good thing about such degrees is that they are not too difficult to attain. Most schools and universities now offer courses on events organization – from short-term certificate programs to complete 4-year courses. If you want to apply to any of these schools, you may need an online life experience degree for extra credits. Alternately, you can use it to convince clients of your aptitude at planning events, especially if most of your experiences detail past successful events that you have organized.

You can easily find websites that offer online courses for aspiring event planners. Some people who already have degrees tucked under their belts still enroll in online event planning courses. However, if you are to pursue such an online course, you had better make sure that you are taking it from a reputable online school that would provide you quality education and give you your money’s worth. Unlike a 4-year course taken in a traditional school setup, an event planning degree online will not take too much of your time and is less expensive, too.

If you hope to be a remarkable event planner who gets bookings all year round and grows a list of satisfied clients consistently, the wisest thing to do is take a course that will train you in this particular field. You can only be good at anything if you devote time, effort, and energy to it. Event planning courses will enhance your skills and give you all the knowledge you need as far as this profession is concerned.

Although it is a fun job and never gets boring, it is not as easy as it seems. It would help if you were dedicated, organized, proactive, and energetic every time. Schools for event planning can help you practice all the necessary skills and behavior to succeed in the industry. Also, these schools will teach you how to attract clients and render impressive service so that they will keep coming back to you.

A life experience degree accredited by the US Department of Education can help you explore any of these two unique careers and give you extreme satisfaction as you broaden your outlook in life.



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