Vegan Organic Supplements

Vegan Organic Supplements

Vegan diets are gaining in popularity fast. More and more professional athletes are seeing the benefits of going vegan. This trend is here to stay, future generations will have to adjust to consumers that want fewer animal products.  Organic CBD edibles and organic CBD oil capsules could one day be the norm.

Social consciousness is in the fabric of the cannabis industry. It is no surprise that vegan CBD oil products have gained popularity.

What Does Vegan Mean?

Most people associate veganism with diet. Indeed, a vegan does not eat any animal products. They also do not use any other animal products or companies that use animals to test their products.

CBD alone is a vegan product. The oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. No animals are used for the production of vegan CBD consumer goods.

Vegan CBD

CBD oil is vegan, but that does not mean that all products can use this title. Many CBD products use food as a delivery method for the extract.

Edible CBD products must not contain any animal parts to be considered vegan.

Cosmetics such as lotions, balms, or skin treatments can’t be tested on animals if they bear the vegan seal. Skincare companies have been notorious for animal testing. The shift to vegan goods is taking place in many industries; the cosmetic industry is finding it challenging to develop new products without testing them on animals.

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Vegan Oils

CBD oil is usually mixed with a carrier oil. Sometimes, organic CBD oil capsules won’t contain any other oil, you would have to check with the retailer’s label to be sure. If you are looking for vegan CBD oil, the carrier oil must not contain any animal parts or be tested on animals.

Best Organic CBD

Organic CBD is much harder to achieve than vegan CBD. The definition of an organic food product varies from country to country.

In the United States, a product must contain at least 95% organic matter. The soil the original plant grew in must also not be treated with synthetic pesticides for the past 3 years. Adhering to these two practices will earn the product the organic seal, but this is not the case in other countries.

Certified CBD Oil

For CBD oil to be certified 100% organic, the carrier oil and the CBD must all contain 100% organic matter. Adding anything synthetic will result in these standards not be met. An organic CBD edible could be labeled organic but not truly be completely derived from 100% organic materials. The USDA has a loose definition of organic to allow more companies to wear the seal.

Companies that source their hemp from farms that use chemicals like growth hormones and pesticides to make growing hemp easier do not meet either of these classifications.

Do Your Homework

Finding vegan CBD oil is not very hard. There is not any reason for a company to use animal products or test on animals. Skincare products are a little bit harder to find that do not use animals for testing.

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The only way to be sure is to check with the retailer. Many companies advertising CBD oil won’t include that their products are vegan. This is because CBD is derived from a plant. Edibles and cosmetic products will likely advertise the fact that they are providing vegan goods. The only way to be sure is to check product ingredients or ask the company.

Certified organic is much harder to achieve. Many companies providing organic edibles and capsules have to spend more money sourcing from organic farms.

With all CBD products, it is important to check the ingredients and lab tests. If you are looking for CBD oil with no THC, you must check the lab tests.

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