Want To Buy The Carpet Mats? Learn The Four Factors That Will Change Your Decision

Want To Buy The Carpet Mats? Learn The Four Factors That Will Change Your Decision

When the floors are kept uncovered and unprotected, heavy movements might damage the surface and reduce the longevity. This is why mats are usually designed in the form of carpets. These mats are quite large and cover a large surface area, thereby protecting the floors in the most efficient way.

However, with so many options available for carpet mat, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. Since most people don’t know about the ins and outs of carpet mats, choosing the best one becomes more difficult.

We will discuss the important factors, based on which you can easily choose the right carpet mat.

Get approximate measurements for the best carpet size

The first thing you need to do is to get the estimated size for the carpet mats. For this, choose the place where you will lay the carpet like the entrance of the house, the living room, the lounge, and so on. Once you have selected the location, take rough measurements, while leaving enough space on all four sides to avoid cluttering.

The rough measurements will help you get the perfect carpet mat, which wouldn’t be too small to expose a major portion of the floor or too big to cause difficulties in spreading it out on the floor.

Go through the various carpet mat styles before choosing

Carpet mats are available in different styles based on the cut and loops of the pile fabric on the surface. Each style has its own appeal, hence, before you decide, you need to check whether the chosen mat style matches with your requirements. Here, we have discussed some of the most common carpet mat styles that you can find in the market.

  1. Low pile carpets are the ones where the maximum pile height is 0.25”, hence, they have a smooth and flat texture.
  2. Plush carpets have trimmed yarns with the ends poking up, which makes the surface soft.
  3. Textured carpets have strands of different lengths which increases the variety and depth of the surface pile.
  4. Twist pile carpets have yarns cut and then twisted in a way that the wear can be minimized efficiently.
  5. Berber carpets have full sized yarns which are made stand straight to the full height to handle the heavy traffic.

Understand the material/fiber of the carpet mat

The next thing you need to consider is the material or fiber of the carpet mats. Four different fiber options are commonly available in the market, and each has its share of benefits and flaws. Based on the requirement, you need to choose a fiber material that will have a longer life and lower wear when compared to others

For example, nylon is used to cover wet floors since the material is resistant to mildew growth. Olefin is softer but easier to maintain and can also be used as both indoor and outdoor carpet mat.

carpet mats (2)

Check the carpet pile weight and density

The weight of the carpet mats depends on the pile density and height. For example, the textured carpets have lesser weight as compared to the berber, since in case of the latter, the yarn loops are full and have higher density.

Similarly, the plush carpet style is lighter as compared to the cut twist pile carpet. Heavier the carpet, lesser will be the pile wear. But, sometimes, you won’t need such a heavy carpet mat, especially when you are placing them in lounge or your bedroom where the traffic is medium.


Carpet mats are truly a wonderful product for protecting the floor and also for improving the aesthetics of the room. But, before you jump in excitement, you need to buy the best carpet mat, the basic criteria and various aspects for which have been discussed above. To improve the performance and life of a carpet, add a padding underneath of a durable material.


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