Web Scraping Reddit with Python: Beginner’s Guide with Code

Web scraping Reddit can provide valuable insights into user behavior and sentiment, as well as allowing you to monitor trends, track topics of interest and sell this data to interested parties. In this guide, we will explore how to perform scraping Reddit for data using Python.

Accessing Reddit Data

To scrape data from Reddit, you will need to access the Reddit API. The Reddit API provides access to a wealth of data, including posts, comments, and user information. To access the API, you will need to obtain an access token by creating an app on the Reddit website.

Using PRAW

PRAW (Python Reddit API Wrapper) is a Python library for accessing the Reddit API. It provides a simple and easy-to-use interface for interacting with the API. PRAW allows you to access a range of data, including posts, comments, and user information.


To install PRAW, you can use pip:

pip install praw

Authenticating with Reddit

To authenticate with the Reddit API, you will need to create a Reddit app and obtain an access token. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Reddit website and log in.
  2. Go to the apps preferences page.
  3. Click on the “create app” button.
  4. Enter a name and description for your app, and select “web app”.
  5. Enter a redirect URI (this can be any valid URL).
  6. Click on the “create app” button.
  7. Take note of your app’s client ID and client secret.

You can then use your client ID and client secret to authenticate with the Reddit API using PRAW:

import praw

reddit = praw.Reddit(






# Authenticate with Reddit

auth_url = reddit.auth.url([“*”], “your_unique_state_string”, “permanent”)

print(f”Please go to this URL and authorize access: {auth_url}”)

access_token = reddit.auth.authorize(“your_access_code”)

Reddit with Python


Scraping Reddit Data

Once you have authenticated with the Reddit API, you can use PRAW to scrape data from Reddit. Here is an example of how to retrieve the top 10 posts from the Python subreddit:

import praw

reddit = praw.Reddit(







# Retrieve the top 10 posts from the Python subreddit

for submission in reddit.subreddit(“Python”).hot(limit=10):


You can modify the parameters of the subreddit() function to retrieve data from other subreddits, and you can use other PRAW functions to retrieve comments, user information, and more.

Tips for Web Scraping Reddit

Here are some tips for scraping Reddit using Python:

  • Use filters: Reddit provides a range of filters that allow you to narrow down your search results. For example, you can filter by date, subreddit, and keyword. Using filters can help you find the data you need more quickly and efficiently.
  • Use pagination: Reddit limits the amount of data that can be retrieved in a single request. To retrieve large amounts of data, you will need to use pagination. PRAW provides a convenient way to paginate through data.
  • Handle rate limiting: Reddit has rate limits in place to prevent excessive scraping. Make sure that your code handles rate limiting by monitoring the response headers for rate limit information and adding in pauses or retries when necessary.

Using GoLogin as a Scraper Protection Tool

Modern social media websites may use extreme anti-scraping techniques to prevent automated access to their data: proxies and VPNs alone ceased to work against them years ago. Now, with browser fingerprinting implemented here and there, scrapers need to bring to the table more advanced privacy tools.

GoLogin, originally a privacy browser, is massively used as a scraper protection tool to help eliminate bot detection risks. It manages browser fingerprints and makes every profile look like a normal Chrome user to even most advanced websites. You can run spiders from under a carefully made anonymous user agent and avoid being detected as a scraper.


In summary, web scraping Reddit using Python can be a powerful tool for data collection and analysis. By using the PRAW library and following best practices for web scraping, you can access a wealth of data from Reddit. 


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