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For a very long time,Victoria has been considered the most important hub of weed culture. And after Canada made the consumption of recreational weed legal, this hub has developed further, turning it into a trendy green future. Since the time many popular magazines such as Vogue started to publish articles on a regular basis on the stylish activities related to weeds and their products and accessories, the stigma started turning fade that was around this controversial herb.

Weed no longer is been associated only as a medicinal herb or for the purpose of leisure. Now it is also been accepted from the angle of wellness as well. Weed-fueled yoga has become very popular around. The West Coast cool people of Victoria have been setting new trends with weeds. The city indeed has a long history with weeds as a part of its social norm. And with the legalization of weed in the country, the trendsetters have taken it to a whole new level.

In Canada, Victoria and Vancouver have always been regarded as the primary hub of weed. Victoria has always been known for fostering innovations and newer products related to weed. They have always maintained having the better grade weed and never have compromised with that. Now with its legalization, newer innovations have been brought across the market of Victoria.

The dispensaries in Victoria are much ahead in trend

Even while it was a ban on edible weeds in Canada, the city council had been working to make the process for weeds to have business licensing facilities and for the growth of more dispensaries in Victoria. Victoria has always been known for its progressive culture and well-developed regimes with regard to the regulatory process. It has always supported the local farmers to grow better quality weeds. This is the reason why it has always provided the best quality of weeds for medicinal purposes. But after Canada had made it legalized on the consumption of recreational weed, it began to supply better qualities to its walk-in and online dispensaries too. Across the various dispensaries in Victoria, you can easily be able to avail cheap ounce deals victoria and also have the best edible delivery victoria.

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The pot primer

There are three types of strains of weeds that you can find. These three types have been broken up into three groups. They are Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.


These plants are short and have fat leaves along with bushy stems to them. They also have a very short period of the flowering cycle. People mostly consume indica and the hybrid strains that are dominant by indica because of the calming effect it provides. Because they have a high content to mellow CBD, it serves the best to relax the mind.


This plant appears tall and has bright green leaves that are slender. They have a high ratio of stimulating the THC in them. Due to these characteristics, sativa is used for evoking energetic and uplifting sensations to the mind.


This plant has a bit of characteristic of both indica and sativa. This is the reason why it also brings the effect of both strains.

Weed delivery in Victoria

In Canada, there are various walk-in and online dispensaries as well that are authorized dealers of weed. From them, you can not only buy weeds at a reasonable price but also get the best quality of different strains of weeds. Greenmates is one of the top online dispensaries in Victoria that sells the best quality weeds of different strains. From them, you can select from a wide range of high-quality weeds within an affordable budget. Their section has a large variety of strains belonging to thesativa and indica flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates and many more types.

The Greenmates Victoria weed delivery has more than six years of experience in serving clients. By now they have crossed serving more than twenty thousand customers with ninety-six percent of their clients having recommended their brand. They provide their customers with locally sourced weeds having a higher quality to trust upon. Their services are spread all across the different cities and you can even opt for same day weed delivery Victoria. In this option, you shall have your product delivered to your door within two hours from the time of placing the order.

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A few of the weekly ounce deals that you can get there

Indica: pink kush pulp, sensi star, pinetar, and many more.

Sativa: calikush bomb, lemon haze, guava cake, and more.

Indica: alien tech (AA), bubba death (AA), bubba kush (AA), and many more.

Pre-rolls: grass fed pre-roll joints, supremium moonrock joints, baxter indica blunt, and more.

Edibles: 5mg THC capsules, 20 mg THC capsules, 50 mg THC capsules, and many more.

Other than these types there are also vapes, concentrates, CBD, tinctures, and different accessories to choose from as well. they value the privacy of the user and so your data with them is always secure and they make sure that it is never shared with any third party.

The reason why it is best to buy weed online

It is always best to buy weed using the online option in Victoria. Placing the order online for weeds not only saves your time but also offers you a great range of weeds of high quality. There are various legal online dispensaries in Victoria such as TheGreenmates who offer you a wide variety to choose from and at a great price. They even have a facility for having a consultation with them before you buy. This helps you to know more about their authenticity and also what else they offer. As you buy weeds online, your privacy remains maintained and you get it delivered to your home without anyone knowing about it.

While making the online purchase of weed, you do not run into unnecessary harassment as well such as a sudden checking of the law officials or even being mobbed by rouges. Undoubtedly, buying weeds online is the safest way to get authentic weeds.

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