Weird and wacky – The craziest casino stories

Weird and wacky – The craziest casino stories

When you think of a casino, it typically evokes images of sophistication and class, but since we’re only human, sometimes there are some events and slip ups that make for some crazy stories. When there are high stakes, big groups of people and huge jackpots up for grabs, opportunities arise to make big wins, big losses and apparently, embarrassing mistakes.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a visit to a land-based casino to play a traditional table game, or a speedy slot, but after reading some of these stories, you might want to stick to playing at a casino online, from the safety of your own home.

Pastor caught red-handed

In 2017, a pastor was arrested for robbing a Las Vegas casino. Gregory Bolusan stole from the M Resort Casino in Henderson, Nevada, not once, not twice, but three times! The Grace Bible Church pastor initially attended the casino in a vehicle that had its number plate obscured and entered holding a gun, demanding that the employees give him money. This time he walked away empty handed, but on his return one month later, he managed to get away with $29,000!

Unbelievably, Bolusan returned to the casino the following month and almost successfully bagged himself another $33,000, however this time he was apprehended by the staff and was arrested. He was charged with felony charges and police revealed that his gun was in fact, fake. One thing’s certain, this pastor won’t be welcome in his church or the casino anytime soon!

UK Poker player’s risk pays off

If it’s an impressive tale that you’re wanting to hear, this one doesn’t disappoint. In February 2018, Jake Cody, a Poker player from the UK, won £42,670 at the Dusk till Dawn Casino in Nottingham. Unsatisfied with his win, Cody decided to bet these tournament winnings on a game of Roulette.

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Now, this might appear reckless, but what if we told you that the gamble paid off? Well, it’s true and Cody managed to bag himself a total winnings of £85,350! That’s not bad for one night’s work. It’s up to you whether you think this move was brave or stupid, but since it paid off on this occasion, we’re going to suggest the former applies.

FedEx founder delivers in Blackjack game

FedEx is one of the world’s biggest household names when it comes to deliveries and the company delivers over 1.2 billion packages every year. If you found that shocking, then you’ll be astounded to hear that the company was actually saved from the brink of collapse by a game of Blackjack. The company’s funds hit a dramatic low of $5,000 in the past, which was not enough to keep the planes in the air. The company’s founder, Frederick W. Smith, decided to take the matter into his own hands and take a trip to Las Vegas, as a last resort.

Smith bet FedEx’s remaining $5,000 on a game of Blackjack and incredibly, walked away from the table with $27,000. This was enough to keep the company afloat for another week and in the meantime, Smith was able to raise a further $11 million, saving the company. By 1976, just five years after FedEx had been set up, they raked in a profit of $3.6 million. Not a bad recovery if we do say so ourselves.

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