What a Caregiver For the Elderly Should Not Do

As your loved ones get older, you may be in the position to become the caregiver for them when they begin to struggle with their daily tasks. Many times caregivers are family members or professional providers, such as Chubbuck Idaho in-home care, who assist the elderly individual in living their day to day lives and helping them to complete things that they are no longer able to do for themselves. As you age, it becomes more difficult to maintain a home, do the laundry, go shopping or even cook for yourself. The caregiver is there to be attentive to the needs of the senior and offer assistance and create a safe and secure environment when necessary. This responsibility comes with different duties that are required based on the circumstance and needs of the senior. While each elderly individual will need specific and unique care, there are some aspects of caregiving that you should not do in order to provide the best care for your loved one. Avoiding problematic aspects of caregiving will ensure that they are receiving the best quality for their caregiver as much as possible.

Be Distracted or Preoccupied

In your role as a caregiver for a more vulnerable population, your time and attention should be focused on their needs and specifications. It is important to be attentive throughout the time you are with your senior to be sure they are receiving all the assistance they desire to keep functioning and ensuring their safety. This position takes time and effort to make sure they are cared for properly and they are getting the attention they need. This means not spending time on a cell phone, reading a book, or engaging in your personal hobbies. Be attentive to your seniors and engage with them so you can understand their needs better and be present to anything that might happen. Do not get distracted or preoccupy yourself with issues not pertaining to your elderly individual so that you are able to provide the best care that they deserve.

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Not Let Them Participate in Their Care

Many elderly people know what kind of assistance they will be needing during this time in their life. Letting them be active participants in their care and comfort is an important part of allowing them to exercise autonomy over their life and body. Some caregivers may find they need some extra assistance in caring for their loved ones when it gets difficult, but you should always let them help when it comes to their individual care. Always allow them to make choices and do not keep them out of their own care decisions. While you will always make an effort to keep them safe and protected, both physically and emotionally, still let them make choices when it comes to clothing choices, food choices, and activity choices. Allow them time to sort through their options and respect their decisions, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their safety or medical aspects of their lives. Small decisions can make a big difference to those that are in a place where they are needing to receive care from another.

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