What are the requirements to study MBA in Canada?

What are the requirements to study MBA in Canada?

One of the most sparsely populated countries, Canada, is an attraction to many students who want to study abroad. Bounded by the North Atlantic Ocean on the east, the North Pacific Ocean on the west, and the Arctic Ocean on the north, Canada is among the top five destinations in the world to go for higher education. A leading business national with a booming economy, Canada is the most preferred destination to pursue a master’s in business administration (MBA). Choose to study MBA from UCW will help you in becoming a leader in the business industry on the global stage.

The best part? Pursuing an MBA from Canadian universities equip students with the skills to gather, analyze, and synthesize information in a business context. As Canada is a cosmopolitan country, it generates opportunities for cultural immersion leading to a healthy environment for enhanced learning. But there are certain requirements to study MBA in Canada. Let’s talk about a few of these.

Bachelor’s degree: You need to have an undergraduate degree in the relevant course from a recognized university, equivalent to a Canadian degree. Along with a bachelor’s degree, you also need to have 12 years of formal school-level education, with mathematics in 12th standard as a mandatory subject.

Work Experience: Few of the institutes also ask for relevant work experience. Universities give preference to those candidates who have certain work experience over others. Although, it is not a mandatory requirement having experience acts as an advantage and increases weightage.

Proficiency in English: If you want to secure admission in Canada, you will have to prove proficiency in the English language. You can demonstrate this by just obtaining a good score in TOEFL or IELTS exam.

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GMAT or GRE: If you aspire to get admission to a top uni in Canada, you should have a decent Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score, or you should have written the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) in the last five years.

Though it is a little tough to get admission to an MBA program, once you have cracked it, it is worth your while. The QS World University Rankings of 2018 suggests that seven of the 150 top-ranked universities are based in Canada. The country has witnessed a rise of over 90% in the number of international students since 2008, reports the Canadian Bureau of International Education.

There are various advantages of pursuing a business degree in Canada as universities here focus on increasing the knowledge base of students and helps them in exploring all the disciplines of business industries. The academic curriculum is designed in such a pattern that enhances the theoretical as well as practical know-how of the industry. Canadian universities turn aspirants into professionals with their quality education, seminars, and peer-to-peer interaction, making them future-ready.

MBA is the only course that opens better work opportunities by making candidates expert in managing a business. Students can also get jobs within six months of completing their MBA degree in Canada. It also offers a high-quality lifestyle to its citizens along with numerous benefits. So, think aptly and take a deep dive into the ocean of knowledge for a bright future.




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