What do you mean by NSE and BSE?

What do you mean by NSE and BSE?

Do you want to become an investor? Are you aware of stock markets and stock exchanges? If yes, you have to know about the meaning of NSE and BSE. First, you have to understand the stock or share that can be considered an essential part of the company. You can be the part-owner if you have some stock. Shares add some value to the company and increase money by buying shares. There are two kinds of stock exchanges in India: NSE (National Stock Exchange) and BSE (Bombay stock exchange). If you know more about this, then read the complete article. Let us give you the information in brief.

What do you mean by NSE?

NSE is the raising stock exchange in India. It is considered the fourth largest stock exchange in India. NSE is based in Mumbai and was established in 1992. It is also considered the first stock exchange because it offers screen-based system trading. In the initial stages, the NSE was established to provide transparency to the Indian market system. NSE made successful offers such as trading, settlement in debt, and domestic and international investors’ equities with government help.

What do you mean by the BSE?

BSE stands for the Bombay stock exchanges. It was the first stock exchange in Asia. BSE is considered the fastest stock exchange because its trading speed equals 6 microseconds. But the BSE does not have a fascinating history. One of the men, named Premchand Roychand, analyzed the native shares and stockbrokers’ association. Under the BSE trading platform, many traders gather to sell or buy stocks. It did not create history, but suddenly the network expanded, and it was named Bombay stock exchanges.

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What is the working procedure of NSE and BSE?

The mechanism of the NSE and BSE is similar. Under both platforms, investors or traders connect with the brokers and buy or sell the exchanges. Both indexes, NSE and BSE, play an integral role in the working of stock exchanges.

  • The indexes are the indicator of the health of stock exchanges.
  • A sequence of 50 stocks in the NSE has been chosen based on the firm’s reputation, market cap, and importance, which is part of the weighted formula. In this way, the value of indexes is measured.
  • If the stock price of someone has increased, then the value of nifty and Sensex also increases.


This article tells you about the National stock exchanges or Bombay stock exchanges. It is summarized that there are two types of stock exchanges. The shares or stock exchanges are a well-organized market where investors or traders buy or sell their shares of various stock companies. The stock exchanges, NSE and BSE, provide an efficient online trading platform. They both are also called an indicator of the health of the Indian economy. I hope you like the information in this article. If you have any doubts about the post, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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