What does a Real time Chat SDK do?

What does a Real time Chat SDK do?

How Can Real-Time Chat SDKs Catapult Your Business to New Heights?

A fulfilling customer experience is the core aspect of the 2021 customer’s buyer journey. Did you know that a whopping 86% of customers are willing to pay more to brands that provide a great customer experience?

Customer satisfaction is not just rooted in final conversions but in every touchpoint that leads to a purchase. Customer engagement and interaction is a key contributing factor. A real-time chat SDK in your app aims to do just that – engaging with customers throughout their experience with your brand. 

What Is a Real-Time Chat SDK?

A real-time chat and video SDK can help you seamlessly plug in an in-app chat feature in your mobile app to facilitate hassle-free conversations with your customers. Your potential buyers can use the convenient chat feature to connect with your brand at any point while exploring your app.

What Does a Real-Time Chat SDK Do For Your Brand?

The value derived through an in-app chat can be quantified in many ways. Whether it’s the increase in the number of new customers or a strengthened base of returning visitors, a live chat and video SDK can do wonders.

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1. Keep Your Users in the Loop

Query? Complaint? Feedback? App not working? Your customers can now easily address their concerns with your brand through the in-app chat feature.

2. Reduce Customer Support Costs

A real-time chat can mitigate incurred support costs significantly. By increasing ways of communication outlets (e.g., through a chat or video SDK), you reduce the need for escalated support intervention. You can also use an AI chatbot to further ease the dependence on manual resolutions.

3. Chronicle Chat History for Future Reference

Now you get to keep a record of any conversation or important communication points with your customer for future reference. Doing so can help you prevent any ambiguity that may arise later and aid verifications.

4. Fortify Internal Team Communication

A chat SDK can not only help you scale up your business with enhanced customer communication but can also benefit your team. Your peers can easily introduce, discuss, and share ideas and feedback through an integrated chat system.

Why Should You Choose Real-Time Chat SDKs Over Other Modes of Customer Support?

Let’s understand why an in-app chat SDK is an essential means of reaching your customers when they need it:

1. Lower Cart Abandonment Rate

Cart abandonment is every ecommerce retailer’s worst nightmare. As of March 2020, the average cart abandonment rate was a staggering 88%!

Online shopping is meant to be quick, effortless, and convenient. When customers shop online with limited information available to them on the product page, they’re bound to have questions.

Without a mechanism in place to answer these questions as they come, customers are likely to leave your page in search of information and abandon their carts, never to come back to it. Live chat SDKs are the answer to this conundrum and lower cart abandonment rates by a good measure.

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2. Higher Customer Satisfaction

When you’re available to answer your customers’ queries 24/7, they feel appreciated.

It shows that they’re a valued customer whose message and queries are a priority to you. Customers want to shop where they get a wholesome buying experience and get well-served.

Live chat and video SDKs help you increase customer satisfaction which translates to more returning and loyal customers.

3. The Trust Factor

Customers trust businesses more when they have someone to talk to before making a purchase. Implementing a live chat SDK on your website can help make the shopping experience more personalized. A one-on-one connection can help build customer’s trust in your brand.

Check out this blog [interlink to other blog describing benefits] for a more in-depth understanding of how live chat can help your business.

How to Add Real-Time Chat to Your Website

Adding real-time chat to your website is as simple as choosing a live chat SDK that offers the best options, customizing it to suit your brand’s design language, and deploying it onto your website.

Some of the best live chat and video SDKs on the market today offer quick deployment times that let you get up and running in a matter of hours or days rather than weeks. Be sure to choose a live chat SDK that offers great backend support and a user-friendly interface. This is key to making live chat work in your favor!

Wrapping Up

Real-time communication has revolutionized the dynamic between businesses and their customers. Shopping online or interacting with businesses online used to be cumbersome and a waiting game. 

Technology has come a long way since. Today, businesses can tend to customers faster than ever with real-time communication options using live chat, audio, and video SDKs

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