What happens if you miss a water bill payment?

In their busy lives, people often forget to pay the bill on time, whereas some knowingly keep it for the last date. However, failing to pay water bills on time may cause severe problems. People often forget to appreciate authorities, who put their effort into supplying clean water to each house. The only way to recognize their effort and those thousands of people are by using water according to to need & by making water bill payment on time.

The authorities have joined hands with many digital payment platforms, like MobiKwik, to make bill payments easy. It allows the customer to pay bills from any part of the country on time at their convenience. If the customer fails to pay the bill, there are a few problems that the customer may have to face. They will be charged a penalty, and sometimes connections are also likely to get canceled. Hence, it is better to know the late water bill payment process to avoid risk factors. Read further to understand the disadvantages of delayed bill payment.

Disadvantages of delayed water bill payment

The authorities mostly don’t cut the connection in the first place. Below you can find the usual procedure that authorities follow.

  • Reminders: If the consumer fails to pay the water bill on time, they will receive a letter from the authority to the home address stating the water bill amount is pending. If the person receives the letter, it is better to contact the authority without delay to avoid further procedures. They may receive the reminder once or twice via letter or telephone call as per process.
  • Penalty: If the consumer misses the due date, they will be penalized. The penalty may differ depending on the location. For those details, the consumer may contact their authority. People use various tricks to avoid unwanted expenses and to save a little amount of money. However, slight carelessness may result in the loss of this hard-earned money. Hence it is better to avoid late bill settlement habits to prevent financial loss.
  • Disconnection: If the consumer avoids all the reminders, there remains no other way than to disconnect the water supply. However, authorities will inform in advance to avoid the risk of disconnection. Even after disconnection, the consumer needs to settle the bill & also the penalty amount.
  • Legal Procedure: The water authorities may forward the consumer’s information to a debt collection agency. These people will contact you multiple times for repayment. However, if all the strategy fails, there is also the possibility of moving with legal procedure. The consumer may receive legal notice for settlement. Hence, a further decision on the case will be in court.
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Advantages of settling the bills on time

It is better to look negative & positive sides of a matter & then make a decision.

  • Free of penalties – There are many reasons to forget bill payments. Although, unwanted penalties may disturb the preprepared budget plans of a middle-class family. In addition, it causes financial losses. Hence, if possible, try to pay the bill before the due date, and as a bonus point, it also adds the consumer to the authority’s good books.
  • No stress – The delayed bill payment practice may invite unwanted trouble. In addition to financial losses, it may also take away peace of mind. It may also affect well-being and health. Thus, it is better to pay the bill in advance & enjoy stress-free service.
  • Make better use of money – Bill payment is not the only requirement of the consumer. There are other necessities like food, water, and basic needs. Making the payment in advance saves the customer from penalty and allows them to utilize this amount for their other needs.

How to pay water bills smartly?

In this smart world, technology has built thousands of smart payment methods. By using these payment method wisely, users can pay the bill on time and also put some money back into their pocket. The consumer can visit the water supplier’s official website and pay the bill via debit card, credit, or utility apps. For example, for making bwssb water online bill payment, consumers can check the official site and pay accordingly. The consumer can also make bill payments via UPI apps directly.

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Another payment method that is in high demand nowadays is MobiKwik. Here the customer need not worry about an additional transaction fee. Many state water authorities are connected to MobiKwikThus, people from different states can make payments on the same platform. The consumer can also set auto reminders which will remind them of the due date in advance.


Every service comes with a price. Hence it is the consumer’s responsibility to pay correctly for the received service. Although there are situations in life when consumer forgets or delays the bill payment due to financial issue. In that case, the customer can contact the authority & discuss directly to avoid the mess.

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