What is a Career and Why is it Important?

What is a Career and Why is it Important?

The term career has become firmly established in our lives, and every person has used it in speech at least once. Some believe that professional growth is the main thing in life, while others put this aspect last in the value system. Let’s figure out what a career is and its importance in a person’s life. And specialists from the recruiting company TalentKompass Deutschland will help us.

TalentKompass Deutschland Review

Firstly, it’s worth telling a little about our experts. This is a German company engaged in personnel selection for large organizations. The key feature of this service is an entirely individual approach. Employees don’t just fill a vacancy but find a talented specialist who can succeed in a specific position. This approach takes more time but leads to amazing results for the company and the employee.

TalentKompass Deutschland reviews current trends and tendencies in the labor market and conducts career guidance training periodically. This helps people decide on further professional development and change their career path on time. In other words, the specialists of this recruiting service are well-versed in matters of career and professional growth.

Career Concept

At this point, the career of a successful person is built on developing his abilities. It is acceptable and common practice to regularly change your professional qualifications, namely your place of work or position, with a frequency of approximately every three years. The immutability of the workplace is no longer an attribute of modern requirements for an employee, and also does not allow the working person to develop as an individual and hinders the socio-economic progress of a particular employee.

Employers, in turn, also positively perceive an applicant for a position whose biography includes more than one position held in various fields of activity. Often, the term “career” was understood negatively. The roots of this effect go back to the last century, when the concept of “careerist” became a derivative of “career,” implying a particularly negative image of a selfish and dishonest person.

Today, the word “career” is perceived in a positive format. As a rule, it implies successful personal and professional development progress. The goal of a modern person’s career should be to move along a given line of improving oneself as an individual in a professional sense. And this path begins long before a person makes an employment decision.

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Thus, we can say that a person’s career is the continuous actions of an able-bodied worker to increase the quantity and quality of his professional skills. This concept means directly expanding the horizons of one’s activities as part of successful development and growth.

Career Models

There are many career options in a person’s life. Experts identify four main models.


Climbing the career ladder as a result of occupying a higher-paying position. At a particular stage of professional activity, an employee occupies a higher position and tries to maintain his position for a long time. Next comes the “springboard” jump, characterized by retirement.


Each successively held position represents a level at which the employee remains for no more than five years. This is enough time to express yourself and your talents to the maximum. A person enters each career stage after a corresponding increase in his qualifications.


This implies a horizontal job movement of an employee from one position to another for a reasonably short period. A positive aspect of this model is the opportunity to study all aspects of the position in detail. This approach, in turn, will play a positive role in the following more complex stage of the professional ladder.


Certification is carried out after a certain period of work, based on the results of which the manager decides to change the position level of a particular employee. This format is typical for companies following the American model.

Importance of Career

Career plays a vital role in modern society and is one of the main indicators of success and prestige. Developing a professional career allows a person to realize their potential, achieve high results, and take a stable position in society.

  • A successful career typically means financial stability, status, and influence. It makes it possible to earn money for all the needs of a person and his family and enjoy the well-deserved respect of others. A promising career also opens up opportunities for growth and development, allowing you to improve your soft and hard skills and expand your sphere of influence.
  • A career has a massive impact on a person’s quality of life. Besides, success and achievements in the professional sphere help provide material needs and contribute to increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-realization.
  • A higher income level related to a high position allows one to travel, purchase necessary things, and ensure a comfortable existence. Financial stability opens up new opportunities for personal development, helps create well-being for yourself and your family, ensures your children’s education, and maintains financial independence in retirement.
  • Career has not only individual but also social significance. Successful people who achieve significant results in their professional activities often become role models and inspirations for others. They can influence social processes, make important decisions, and influence their country’s or community’s development.
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However, we should remember that the importance of a career in society should not be limited only to material and status aspects. Remembering about work-life balance and taking care of your health and the environment is essential. TalentKompass Deutschland jobs analysis states that an ideal career is about achieving success and harmony with yourself and the world.

Final Thoughts

A person’s career is one of the defining areas of our lives. Success in this direction will allow access to a set of necessary benefits, self-confidence, and solve the problem of self-realization. Career plays a significant role in a person’s life, as it affects self-esteem, financial status, and level of satisfaction. The opportunity for growth and achieving high results at work allows a person to feel successful and confident in their abilities. There are several types of careers: horizontal, when a person builds knowledge and develops skills, and vertical when movement is determined by the position held. In any case, your career path is shaped by certain factors and actions you must consider.

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