What Is Globaledit and Why You Need It for Digital Asset Management

What Is Globaledit and Why You Need It for Digital Asset Management

With advanced technology and internet availability, organizations have increased their production of digital materials and visual assets. The assets have become a critical aspect of business success since they are easily shared with different audiences. 

However, organizations are struggling to organize and keep track of all these assets, hence the need for Digital Asset Management systems (DAMS).

Utilizing the right DAM for your company makes your assets efficient and easy to use. Chiefly, the DAM integrates all photo and video functions rather than using different software for a common goal. This way, you save some time and energy to utilize on other essential activities for your business.

What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

DAM is simply a practice of cataloging, storing, and handling visual files to make them more reusable, findable, and available for monetization and distribution.

Notably, the DAM system provides a library for all the digital files. In most cases, the creative production industry confuses the DAM and Work In Progress (WIP). Organizational professionals always believe they need a WIP when in reality, they need a DAM.

What is WIP?

Essentially, Work In Progress represents the initial stage of the creative production workflow. The first stage involves creating the digital asset and photoshoot. Therefore, WIP includes all the activities such as editing, sharing, and distributing before the final delivery.

Both the DAM and the WIP provide a repository for all the digital assets. However, WIP has additional functionality determined by team collaboration. This functionality enhances quick production and fast marketing at a low cost. There are no quick market sales for the DAM system, only a safe repository to find essential assets.

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What is Globaledit?

Globaledit is a creative workflow management platform that enables organizations to control their production and distribution of visual assets. Through the platform, organizations easily find these assets and make them available to employees for future use.

Why Is Creative Workflow Management For DAM Important?

      Customization- You will have unique creative workflow management for DAM through an incredibly easy interface from globaledit. Besides, the interface allows you to swipe through the imported Images and identify markups.

      Scalability– You need to consider the most secure DAM for your organization to ensure your digital assets’ safety for an extended period.

Globaledit prioritizes security and provides features that allow you to track usage, grant or deny access, set expiration dates, and use watermarks on your visual assets. These features prevent the use of inappropriate, expired, or unauthorized media.

There are brush tools that you can use to make unique markups. Similarly, you can create unique visuals to identify the recent assets and store them for later use.

Globaledit has gained popularity for its role in securing and preserving organizational digital assets. The platform is easy to use and provides unique features that make your details known only to you. Generally, globaledit ensures that you have all the support you need by providing a creative workflow and readily convenient customer support.

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