What is the SAP Business One License Cost?

What is the SAP Business One License Cost?

SAP Business One is an all-around ERP solution with exceptional features of high customization, flexible deployment, real-time business intelligence and affordability. It automates business processes to render the companies functioning efficient. A multiplicity of factors are instrumental in determining the cost of the SAP Business One software solutions, including the deployment type, business requirements, expectations and module.

Let us study the key factors that determine the SAP Business One license cost:

  • Software: SAP Business One software works in integration with the current business software. The cost of implementing SAP depends on whether it is the current software is compatible with SAP. If it is, the cost gets reduced and if it is not, there is an added expense.
  • Number of Users: The number of users for a software significantly determines the cost of the software. The hardware has to be adept for customization with the scalability of the company. As a result, it majorly impacts the cost of software deployment.
  • Add-ons: SAP software might require add-ons to cater to a business requirement. This increases the cost of SAP integration based on the number of add-ons required in the SAP Business One package.
  • Maintenance Cost: The average maintenance cost is approximately 15-22%. The software requires maintenance and upgradation with time to ensure that they are working optimally. The maintenance cost can be reduced by planning it in advance and taking up packages accordingly.
  • Database Cost: The cost of the database significantly impacts the SAP Business One license cost. Small and middle-sized firms might function with generic databases while larger companies require powerful and secure databases for functioning.
  • Consultant’s Expenses: The last consideration factor is the consultation expenses. The cost of on-site consultation is more than remote consultation. This is an integral consideration for businesses while incorporating the SAP software.
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It is imperative to consider these factors while choosing SAP services. Consultants can help you analyze your business requirements and suitably pick the best SAP plan and customize it according to your business requirements. The maximum benefit of the software will be derived only when it is suitably incorporated into the company’s functioning.

There are different types of SAP Business One licenses offering varied features. A professional SAP license provides access to all software features along with the Software Development Kit at an added cost. This license can be purchased either at a one-time cost of a perpetual license or on a renewable subscription model. Following this, there is limited access to SAP Business One license available at affordable SAP Business One license cost. These come with restricted access to three different modules, including CRM, logistics and financials. The price of all modules is the same, but they offer a different range of features. Besides these, there are other types of licenses utilized for mobile app-only users, B1 data in third-party applications and a starter package for companies with fewer than 5 users.

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