What makes finding an iPhone X screen replacement complicated?

What makes finding an iPhone X screen replacement complicated?

There are plenty of online stores that sell different variants of an aftermarket LCD or OLED screen display for the iPhone X. What makes the OLED replacement screen better than its LCD counterpart? Where can one find a reliable and trusted store to purchase an iPhone X screen replacement from?

Our Tech experts have taken an in-depth look at the different screen variants available online for the iPhone X screen and have found an online store that provides the best iPhone X screen in the market. But first, let’s understand the different qualities of the variants available online.

Choosing The Right Display For An iPhone X Screen Replacement:

The iPhone X replacement screen comes in 3 variants, the original(OEM), aftermarket OLEDs, and aftermarket LCDs. There are also different qualities of these said variants which make it confusing for a person to decide on which variant to purchase.

iPhone X Original vs. Aftermarket Repair Options Comparison:

OLED (Aftermarket) LCD (Aftermarket)
Display length 141.08MM 141.22MM 141.17MM
Display width 68.5MM 68.52MM 68.5MM
Display thickness 1.65MM 2.14MM 1.99MM
Display Brightness 460 NITS 260 NITS 467 NITS


The aftermarket OLEDs are brighter than the OEM screens. It’s a huge step up from the LCD, which was a little less bright than an OEM screen. The OLEDs black point appear to be a bit darker than the original, which users find slightly saturated. It may be worth noting that certain colors of the display are also slightly different from the original, which may be noticeable, but the color fidelity overall is much better than the LCD. In our testing, the OLED has a slight green or blue tint when viewed from certain angles, but it isn’t as drastic as the red hue observed in previous versions of the LCD and OLED screens.

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The display is significantly thinner than the aftermarket LCD. This makes for a good fit and a great finish that is comparable to an OEM screen. There is still a slight difference in fit with the aftermarket OLED, but nothing that our tech experts found to interfere with repairs. The OLED screen installation is much easier than an LCD installation, which can be 0.5mm thicker than an OEM replacement screen. In fact, the OLED screen is only 0.34mm thicker than the OEM screen, which is a huge improvement. This also means that the OLED won’t run nearly as high of a risk of breaking during the installation process as an LCD.

Currently, a replacement OLED screen should be priced at around one hundred dollars below OEM screens, which may make it a better solution for stores that need to be price-conscious. After looking deeper into the pricing behind a replacement screen, at the very least, the OLED screen released now seems to be a bit further ahead along with better quality and pricing when compared to earlier aftermarket OLED replacement screens released.

Here are other notable observations from the team:

The aftermarket iPhone X OLED  screen does draw significantly less battery than an LCD, and while it does get a bit hot, it is noticeably a lot less than an LCD. The Touch and responsiveness for these replacement screens perform well, although the 3D touch is a bit overly sensitive.  This does not mean that these replacement screens don’t last as long as the original replacement screen but have a slight difference with the output which may or may not be noticeable.

Where to find the best iPhone X replacement Screen?

There are lots of online stores that provide the best iPhone X screen replacement, We recommend online stores like phonepartworld. Their replacement parts go through a rigorous testing and selection process so that one can rest assured that the parts they receive carry the same quality and craftsmanship that was put into their device when it was first bought.

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The LCD replacement screen and OLED screen available on their store are great replacements for a damaged or malfunctioning iPhone X and they make it a priority to ship their products out fast, so don’t be surprised when you get a notification soon after purchasing their replacement iPhone X screen mentioning that the product has been shipped the same day.

LCD replacement

(Above: The screen on the top is the OEM, in the middle is the OLED and the LCD is the one at the bottom)

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Our Conclusion:

For individuals and repair enthusiasts, visit online stores like phonepartworld for a better understanding of how to repair your iPhone X screen at home with the tools, parts, and video tutorial needed to carry out the task.  We recommend you take advantage of their great screen replacements, then choose the quality you want and repair your iPhone X.


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