What skills to highlight in your game design resume

What skills to highlight in your game design resume

Games have become one of today’s outstanding careers. Online streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube have become more relevant and increased the popularity of games in recent years. 

Gaming requires the video game designer to a script, storyboard, and creatively direct gameplays. They are the brains behind a carefully curated project. 

Gaming is an ever-evolving space, it requires unique and innovative gameplay to keep viewers interested.

Do you wish to become a video game designer as well? Then, you would need a resume for game designer.

Resume writing is not an easy task and we have come up with a list of top skills to highlight in your video game designer resume. Keep reading to know them:

  • Leadership skills

Video Game Designing requires managing processes, maintaining schedules, budgeting, and delivering in a time-bound manner. It’s a tricky task and requires assertive leadership capabilities to realize targets.

Highlight your leadership capabilities by citing examples of where you might have taken up a leadership role.

  • Creativity

A game design of any kind requires creativity. A designer is given the responsibility to style the game, build characters, storyline, and work on visual style. It’s pertinent to style in such a way that’s different and visually appealing.

Hence, game designers innovatively design storylines, gameplays, and levels of difficulty.

  • Strong analytical mind

A game typically involves different modes and levels that a player has to ace to complete a task or the game. While playing requires a problem-solving attitude, game designing requires strong analytical skills to be ready to design that within the first place.

  • Solid knowledge of the gaming industry
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Sound knowledge of the continuing trends and practices within the gaming world helps businesses to cash on that. Knowledge of how games work and what might appeal to the audience thus becomes a very important factor contributing to the success of the sport.

Stay updated with reading relevant blogs, podcasts, etc.

  • Good communication skills

Video game development requires liaising between departments and ensuring they’re communicating effectively amongst themselves. Work doesn’t happen in silos and thus requires collaboration among the varied departments. So, effective communication becomes important to deliver in an exceedingly timely manner and maintain quality standards.

  • Technical knowledge

Sound knowledge of the software and systems that bring the product to life is vital. Animation during a mobile device would look different than on a desktop. Thus, modalities of such software must be kept in mind while designing.

  • Focus

Focus or the skill to consider the larger picture while handling the daily production issues that arise helps to stay on target. A powerful leader is in a position to focus and channel his or her energy in the right direction. This helps the team to judiciously use resources that add value to the project.

  • Teamwork

A project requires collaboration among different teams. A team might encompass departments specializing in one skill or individuals specializing in one aspect of designing. A team player is ready to figure out in a collaborative environment and understands failing to realize targets might cause uncalled delays.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlight leadership skills by citing examples of leadership roles undertaken in past
  • Creativity is an important skill to possess to design innovative and out of the box gameplays
  • A strong analytical mind helps to design various modes of difficulty in a game
  • Knowledge of the gaming industry and trends is important to design games that would appeal to the audience
  • Good communication skills are important to work in a team environment
  • Technical knowledge of how a game would be mobile-friendly or desktop-friendly is important
  • Focus is an important skill along with leadership that pushes to look at the bigger picture
  • Designing a game is all about teamwork and is an excellent skill to possess
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These are our top skills for you to add to your resume. Do you know of some more? Comment below.

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