What Unsuccessful Online Marketing Campaigns Have In Common

What Unsuccessful Online Marketing Campaigns Have In Common

There are successful marketing campaigns that result in a business’s online growth.

And then, there are unsuccessful marketing campaigns that can stunt its growth.

A business must focus on the former but it might pay to keep an eye on the latter and know what flaws all unsuccessful marketing campaigns share.


So businesses can steer clear of them and build potentially profitable marketing campaigns.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on print ads and other conventional forms of marketing. And while some businesses may do well with these methods, they are less efficient and effective for most of them. These conventional marketing channels tend to be more costly and generate a weaker impact, which is why many businesses often find the unprofitable.

Online marketing has taken the lead and has become the lifeblood of modern business.

The easy availability of the internet has resulted in the ubiquity of online shopping.

These days, people turn to the internet whenever they are looking for more information about a service or buying a product.

In this situation, businesses that meet their customers where they are looking tend to be the most successful.

And meeting your customers online does not simply require having an online presence. You need to channel your customers to your online business and nurture them until they take the desired action.

Businesses rely on online marketing for this.

Modern online marketing techniques, like those involved in an SEO online marketing strategy, help businesses reach their online prospects, interact with them, and convert them into customers.

These techniques take your business to prospects who are looking for it when they are looking for it. Hence, they are more efficient.

Moreover, unlike conventional marketing channels, they tend to be more cost-effective as well.

In this way, online marketing campaigns help businesses improve their bottom line and pursue internet-driven growth.

Most modern businesses understand the importance of online marketing. And they even attempt to do it.

Knowing how powerful it is, you’d think businesses would try and be good at online marketing.

Unfortunately, that’s far from reality.

Some businesses do take a dip in the river we call online marketing. But they either DIY it or hire unreliable SEO and internet marketing services to do it for them. This is why such businesses often don’t make it to the shore and drown somewhere in the middle.

The reason?

Weak and unsuccessful online marketing campaigns.

How can these campaigns take a toll on a business’s progress?

First, they can strip the business of its online visibility.

Visibility is one of the most important things online. And the saying “out of sight, out of mind” is nowhere more valid than it is on the internet.

Once a business stops staying on top of its customers’ minds, it fades into the background.

These marketing campaigns also lead to businesses losing to their competitors, falling behind in their industry as a result.

Most importantly, these flawed marketing campaigns, being less efficient, are more costly for the business and negatively impact its bottom line.

Since they are built on incorrect marketing approaches and don’t offer much return, they chip away at a business’s revenue and threaten to reduce its profits.

Knowing how detrimental failed campaigns can be, is there a way to prevent your marketing campaign from being one of them?

Fortunately, yes.

There are a lot of ways. But the first and most reasonable approach is to learn about what all failed marketing campaigns have in common.

Once you know the fatal flaws that all unsuccessful online marketing campaigns share, you will be better equipped to spot them in your campaigns. And once you spot them, you will be able to eliminate them before they take a toll on their results.

Landau Consulting, an internet marketing company, helps businesses with online marketing in NJ and beyond and has created this infographic highlighting the features of an unsuccessful marketing campaign and discussing ways to prevent these mistakes. Check it out to understand how you can potentially prevent your business’s marketing campaign (and your investment) from going down in the dumps.


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