What’s the Connection between SEO and Web Design?

What’s the Connection between SEO and Web Design?

Among the numerous factors that contribute to making a website stand out among the rest, SEO and web design hold utmost importance. A web design shows how a website looks to the visitors. And when it comes to SEO, it plays a major role in improving your website’s ranking among the top search results.

Both these aspects are an integral part of a website’s performance. And you can’t spread the name of your business in the digital world without focusing on both of them. In this era when the competition, in the digital world, is an all-time high, it has become even more important for business owners to hire the best web design agency in New York that specializes in both SEO and design departments.

On this note, let’s take a look at some major factors that connect web design and SEO:

Making a Website Mobile-Friendly

In today’s time and age when most internet users have shifted to handheld devices (mobile phones, tablets etc.) to surf the internet, it makes complete sense to make your business’s website mobile-friendly as well. Although it depends on your target audience, still it’s important to make your website smooth so that it can be used flawlessly on mobile devices. And this is exactly where a web designer will come into the picture.

Another reason why you should make your mobile-friendly is that it is important for search engine ranking as well. Google now only ranks websites that are navigable easily on mobile. So, if you have done this already, it’s about time you should do it. Otherwise, you will miss out on your mobile audience and lose potential leads.

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Improving Website’s Loading Speed

Everyone today is in a hurry. With too many things on their plate, people don’t have enough time to wait for an entire minute for a website to load. This is why it has become incredibly important to make your website load faster.

This is important from the SEO perspective as well. Even if users have landed on your website, it wouldn’t produce the desired results. Solely because they won’t have enough time on your website because of the slow speed. Thus, chances of lead generation get reduced and your SEO budget goes waste.

The crux here is that you need to improve the speed of your website. And for this, you would need the services of a professional web design agency. They can implement numerous practices for doing so. One such way is the compression of images so that their size is reduced while the quality is maintained. This feature alone can help to improve the speed up to a great extent.

Other than that, they will make your website clutter-free by removing unnecessary elements that do nothing but slow down its speed.

An Easily Navigable Website

Having a website that is easy to navigate for users is very important both from the SEO perspective and generating leads. If the website is easily navigable, chances are that users are going to spend more time on it. This brightens the chances of lead generation. On the other hand, if it has complexities and possesses difficulties for your intended audience, you wouldn’t be reaching your desired sales target.

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Google, too, ranks websites that score high on the “user-friendly” scale. So, it directly impacts the performance of your website’s SEO campaigns. You would need to consult a web design agency to have an easily navigable website.

Quality Content

Most people believe that web design has nothing to do with the content. This is untrue. The way content is placed on your website, be it graphical or written, depends directly on the design of your website.

Now, everyone’s aware of the importance of content in SEO. It should be engaging, informative, captivating and provide value to the readers. Most important, it should be original. All these things will only benefit your website if it is easily readable. And this is where web design will help you. If the content isn’t placed properly, it will come across chunks of articles copied directly on the website. So, get a web design where content can be placed seamlessly.

There you have it! These are four major ways SEO and web design are connected to each other. Without either of them, you wouldn’t be able to rank your website among the top search results. And if your website isn’t ranking, results wouldn’t be as per your expectation. So, the best approach would be to hire an agency that specializes in both web design and SEO. Some SEO Consultant New York companies also offer professional web design services, so you can rely on them for the best results.

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