Which One Is Effective Facebook Ads Or Google Adwords?

Which One Is Effective Facebook Ads Or Google Adwords?

One of the most common topics that marketers have been fighting for a long time is Google Ads or Facebook Ads. When it comes to ad services, these are the most common platforms that most people think of. Both Facebook Ads and Google Ads are major players in the market, and they provide a lot of features. However, if you are planning to start a business, then it is one of the things that can make you confused.

While some marketers consider Google Ads to be the best among all, there are people who cannot work in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. So, there is no way to understand which one is better without testing both of them yourself. However, both are paid ad platforms, which eliminates the option to test them out for most people.

Facebook Ads or Google Ads – Which Is Better?

It is very hard to find out which of them is better for them without trying out. However, as told earlier, that option is only available for people who have extra money. Don’t worry, you will get to see the bigger picture here to find out the differences. We will point out the advantages of both of these ad platforms. Here are the ones given below to help you understand them very well.

Google Adwords Advantages

Google is one of the most popular and effective ad engines in the world that is considered to be top of the chain. It comes with plenty of advantages that will help you to explore the unexplored areas. You will be able to customize your ads and reach potential customers very easily. Here are some of the advantages that you need to know before learning what are the three marketing objectives that can be met via targeting on google.

●  Huge Audience Base

One of the major advantages why Google AdWords is chosen by a lot of marketers is the huge base of customers. You will be able to reach potential around the world with the help of Google, as the search engine is used by more than 3.5 billion people every day. The immense reach of Google Ads helps to get better responses. You will be able to get a higher conversion rate with the help of this huge base of customers.

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●   A Lot of Ad Formats

With time, Google Adwords has become one of the most reliable adword platforms that helps you to get better results compared to others. One of the best things about Google Adword is that you will be able to get a lot of Ad Formats available that will provide different options to customize your ad. In addition, the ad formats will help you get the design you want and make the ads more visually attractive.

●  Works Faster Compared To SEO

Both Google Adwords and SEO are marketing strategies of search engines. The goals are also the same to generate a lot of leads and traffic. However, if your Google Adword campaign is well optimized, then you will be able to get faster results from it. There are many reasons why it is effective and faster than SEO.

  1. It lets you focus on different keywords at the same time
  2. Ads that appear on top of the search page helps to get instant visibility
  3. Based on your choice, you can run or pause the campaign whenever you want

●   Boost Brand Awareness

Google Adwords is very well known for increasing brand awareness. It helps boost the clicks, traffic, and conversion of the website that helps to increase the brand reputation. According to reports, it also increases the online visibility of your brands to stay on the mind of customers.

So, next time the customers are searching for the products or services you are offering, they visit your website and make the purchase. Increasing brand awareness is a necessary step that can help to grow your website and get better results.

Facebook Adwords Advantages

Just like Google Ads, Facebook Ads is one of the biggest adword platforms that you can choose for your business. Although Facebook Ads is new into the game, it also has the potential to help you get a lot of potential customers. You will be able to increase the conversion rate with the help of Facebook Adwords.

Facebook is no doubt one of the biggest social media platforms that are sued by billions of people worldwide. So, you will be able to reach the customers very easily. Unlike Google, your ads will appear on the homepage of Facebook that will be visible to customers, even those who are not searching for specific products or services.

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Here are some of the advantages of Facebook Adwords given below.

●   nherently Platform For Visual

One of the best things about Facebook ads is the powerful visuals. Highly visually attractive keywords appear on the front page of Facebook that increase your chance to get more potential customers easily. Facebook Ads blend very well with images, videos, and other visuals in the news feed. The high-quality ads become so compelling and effective to get customers’ attention.

●  High ROI

Most of the marketers who are using Facebook Ads often claim that they are impressed with the high ROI of Facebook. It is one of the most amazing advantages of Facebook Ads that makes it the first choice for marketers. Facebook ads provide a lot of tools and targeting options that help to create engaging and beautiful ads. So, if you are a newcomer, then you will be surprised with the return on the investment potential of Facebook ads.

●  Micro-Target The Audiences

Facebook Ads helps you to choose micro-target audiences and create an ad only for them. By using the data from users, Facebook provides you the opportunity to focus ads and customize them based on the customers. Facebook is a very data-rich platform, which makes it perfect for micro-target audiences.

It lets you narrow down all the demographics for each of your ads. Some of the segments that you can choose in Facebook Ads are age, gender, language, location, job title, interests, income, education level, and plenty of others.

●  Different Ad Types

You can choose from a lot of different ad types to get the best one that goes with your business. The wide range of ad types offered by Facebook includes video ads, photo ads, messenger ads, stories ads, slideshow ads, carousel ads, playable ads, collection ads, etc.

So, you do not have to restrict your ad type and choose between limited ones. Instead, you have a lot of options available to choose from and make the ad much more attractive for the targeted audience. This way, you will get better results from your ads and campaign.


If you are someone who is confused about which one to choose among Facebook Ads and Google Ads, then this article can help you understand it better. Make sure to go through the advantages of these both AdWords to get a better idea. However, you will need to choose one based on your business requirements.

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