Which Platform a Startup Should Choose Android or iOS in 2021

Which Platform a Startup Should Choose Android or iOS in 2021

IOS and Android App Development Company invest in apps to make a strong presence in the digital world. Are you confused about which one will be best for you?

Well, you might have given a thought about the target audience, features, functionalities, timeline, budget, and revenue. Still, thinking which fits perfectly for you?

We know the importance of choosing a platform as it can lead to failure or success of the business. Let us help you make the correct decision for you when it comes to selecting iOS and Android app development.

Why should startups invest in iOS or Android App development?

With the continuous evolution in technology, users have been moving towards mobile devices. It is wise to make your presence on mobile platforms to gain more attention from users.

Some reasons that will convince you to invest in mobile app development are:

  • To success in the business, the main target is to increase user engagement. Mobile applications have made it easier to reach the audience with minimal effort.
  • The application makes the process to increase the conversion rate smooth and seamless. It allows your business to display your services.
  • It is essential to leave a strong brand appearance to grow in the market.
  • You get proper feedback and reviews, which helps in improving your business efficiently.
  • Personalization in mobile apps is more accessible. You can provide better customer satisfaction.

Pros and Cons of iOS and Android App Development Company:

●      Pros of Android App Development

  • Flexibility: It has a less restricted environment for the developers. There will be no compatibility issues with Android devices. Java is a highly versatile programming language supported by Windows, Linux, and macOS, ensuring that your app runs on all platforms.
  • Learning: Google provides extensive materials and training programs to complete the development process.
  • Launching Apps: The review process has become more intense. Earlier it used to take up to seven hours, and now it may take a week for beginners.
  • Beyond Smartphones: Android application means developing software for the entire ecosystem of devices. It is easier to extend the functionalities to wearable devices and other platforms.

●      Cons of Android App Development

  • Quality Assurance: The fragmentation is beneficial, which allows developers to build on multiple platforms simultaneously. This also makes the testing process complicated. Android developers have to deliver the fixes frequently.
  • Cost: It might be more time-consuming when compared to iOS. The cost increases based on development and quality assurance.
  • Security Issues: Being an open-source platform, there are higher chances of online vulnerabilities.

●      Cons of iOS App Development

  • Performance: It is in high demand as the platform is fast, easier to use, and reliable.
  • Great UI/UX: Apple lets the developers with detailed guidelines to create a user-friendly interface.
  • Apple Ecosystem: The working operating system allows the developers to build the whole ecosystem for enumerable devices.

What are the differences between iOS and Android App Development?

Programming Language

Android uses Java or Kotlin programming language. While iOS uses Swift programming language. Mobile app developers find it easier to create Android applications. The swift needs less time and has higher readability.

Development Environment

Android developers use Android studio, which is a proprietary tool with a range of features. The environment has debugging features and cross-platform support.

iOS developers are dependent on the XCode tool. The Apple-backend solution gives various bug fixing tools, an entire range of devices and is easy to learn.

Integrated Development Environment

Android studio helps to generate multiple versions of the app for various devices. The Xcode has a decent assistant and source editor. Xcode is chosen as it is easier to set up, but large projects might make it complicated. The Android Studio has an advanced code editor and layout design, which consumes memory.

System-Specific Design

Android App Development Company uses a team that has to be broken down into different fragments and activities. This lets the developers manage dozens of activities on multiple screens. Each activity has fragments that are a part of the user interface used to navigate between the activities.

The iOS application is dependent on the view controllers. Certain types are used in the development phase like page view, split view controllers, page view, and more. The view controller can handle the entire screen or its segments.

Development Complexity

Apple releases a specified range of devices as they have a limited number of devices. While in Android development, there are dozens of screen styles.

Which platform would be great for your app development?

While making the final decision, you should know about the target audience, budget, timeline, and interface. The above information might have helped you to make the right decision. While investing in an iOS and Android App Development Company, ensure that it matches your expectations and requirements.

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